15th Apr 2014

Cat & Dayo


Love at First Sight

I never thought I would find my future husband dancing around HIS handbag, but that's how it happened three years ago.  We met at a friend of a friend's party where Dayo was putting in an impressive performance on the dance floor (and, yes, he really did have a man-bag with him). Neither of us were looking for love, particularly since Dayo had decided to take up an opportunity to move to China later that year.  But, the closer it got to his leaving date, the more I realised that love had found us. Following consultation with my closest girlfriends, I took the brave decision to tell him know how I felt in the hope that the feeling was mutual. Luckily, it was, and, after a year of Skype calls and seeing each other every three months, I managed to get a job in China. And never looked back.

The Big Question

After eighteen months living together in Beijing, we took a mini-break to Seoul, South Korea.  On our last evening, we went up Namsam, a mountain in the middle of the city to watch the sunset.  Dayo became quite insistent on buying a padlock to take up to the peak where the railings are full of padlocks covered with messages from people around the world.  Little did I know that he was about to propose.  As we were wandering around the peak, he handed me the padlock and said, "I've done my bit, now your turn".  And, as I turned over the lock and read Will you marry me? I looked up to a grinning face and beautiful ring.  A group of Chinese tourists watching us and taking photos on their ipads looked very excited when I shouted, "Yes!"

Shop Till You Drop

A month later, we were back in the UK planning a wedding around holidays and catching up with friends and family.  I didn't think I wanted a white wedding until I visited The White Room in Southwell, Nottinghamshire in the village where I grew up.  But the fantastic service and Augusta Jones dresses swung it.  I had something Grecian in mind, so when I tried on Kai, I knew that my "no white wedding wedding" was out the window.  No nets, hoops or wires; just simple, classic elegance.  And, above all, I felt comfortable and could move!  The dress fit perfectly, and was captured beautifully by our photographer, Sarah Legge. Our wedding was such a joyous day, filled with the love and laughter of friends and family.  I am so pleased that I managed to find a dress that suited the occasion. The trouble is, I want to wear it again! 

Final Words of Wisdom

So, for those of you have ruled out a white wedding, don't!  Augusta Jones dresses are beautiful, wearable, comfortable and tweakable, so I guarantee you will find something you like and look amazing in it as it will be made just for you.

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