12th Aug 2014

Mariesa & Xavier


The Big Question
The proposal was a bit dramatic. I went to an opera that didn't end until 11 pm. I had my family waiting at a park for over 2 hours. When it was finally over my boyfriend announced that we were going on a double date and were meeting them at their house. I thought it's a little late, but okay. I didn't ask questions. We made a turn that I knew wasn't to the house, but I thought maybe we're meeting at the girl's house. We pull up to a park and get out of the car. The song "I Do" by Jesse James Decker is playing. He gets down on one knee with candles surrounding us and asks me to marry him. My family is just a few feet away setting off floating lanterns into the sky. It was perfect!

Shop Till You Drop
I didn't try on too many dresses. I went to one bridal store before and tried on dresses the day before I found the dress. There were pretty dresses, but none were quite up to par for what I was looking for. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, but I knew when I tried on THE one, it would feel right. I sort of liked a dress and I was almost committed, but I wanted to keep my appointment at Alta Moda Bridal in Salt Lake, Utah. Boy, am I glad I did! I tried on about 2 dresses before my dress. Once I put it on, like I said, I knew it was the one! It was everything I didn't know I wanted! I couldn't stop smiling when I had it on. I could picture myself in it on my wedding day.

A Day To Remember
Our wedding day was on June 21, 2014 at the Salt Lake Temple. The weather that day was perfect! It wasn't scorching hot. We only had our closest, closest friends and family, who had driven 6+ hours to be there, on our special day. It was very intimate & romantic. There was so much love around us. Only smiles and laughs were seen and heard that day. I couldn't have pictured it any other way. I remember thinking that day,"Can the rest of my life be like this?" If I could go back ... I wouldn't change a single thing.

Words Of Wisdom
I would tell future brides to only have one or two receptions. We had four and that was stressful and tiring!  

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Dress: Bespoke Stella by Augusta Jones
Location: USA
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