23rd Sep 2014

Sarah & John


The Big Question

John and I had spent almost nine years together before we were engaged.  We met after I had recently graduated from high school and he had recently finished college.  Eventually, we fell in love and were inseparable.  Six years later, it was the right time.  I knew he had the ring, so of course, anytime we did something remotely romantic I would think it was coming.  Sensing this, it then became John's mission to catch me off guard, one way or another!  One morning, I woke up early and he was right there in front of me with the ring.  It was the most simply wonderful moment and I was truly not expecting it!  Apparently that was the only way he figured could surprise me, and he was probably right.

Shop Till You Drop

I can honestly say that Sian was the only dress I had ever seen that was exactly what I had in mind. My dream dress.  I saw it while browsing online one day and gasped - "That's the one!"  I had envisioned the classic portrait neckline, delicate lace half sleeves, and an A-Line silhouette.  I loved it.  The only problem - there was not one sample of Sian available in the United States!  I was so disappointed and continued my search.  One day, I realized that the Stacey had the same bodice as the Sian.  The search continued for a nearby sample of that style and one was found in nearby Chicago.  I made the trip, tried it on, and the look was absolutely perfect.  We custom ordered the Sian/Stacey bodice with the Marilyn skirt. (The Sian skirt was lovely, too, but with a destination wedding I wanted something less full.)  I must say - It was so out of character to order a dress I had never seen/tried on in person, but I knew it would be beautiful!  I was so thankful to have chosen Town and Country Bridal Boutique - their staff is fantastic and made the process so simple.

A Perfect Day

June 14, 2014 was absolute bliss from start to finish.  John and I chose Excellence Playa Mujeres, our favorite resort in Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico.  We wanted something intimate, memorable, and unique.  Forty-seven of our closest friends and family came together to share our special day, a nice turnout for a destination wedding!  On a (rather hot, but) gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we exchanged vows on the beach and said "I do" after a decade of love and memories.  John's best friend, Jim, married us, which was very personal and so perfect.  We laughed, we cried...it was wonderful.  Afterward we had cocktails in the beach lounge before dinner and dancing on the terrace.  I can't find the words to truly describe the overwhelming joy we felt in those moments - it was truly the best day of our lives. 

Wise Words

My best advice - don't sweat the small stuff.  We all want the perfect wedding, right?  I produce events for a living, and I haven't seen one yet.  Something will go off course and it will be just fine.  (Chances are, hardly anyone will even notice!)  In these moments, take a deep breath and focus on celebrating your love and commitment.  Take five minutes, alone with your spouse, and let it all soak in.  Enjoy!

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