3rd Nov 2014

Claire & Kevin


The Proposal

The proposal was a bit of a shock. Apparently Kevin had been planning it for ages and had the ring hidden away in our flat for a while. I was oblivious! He'd decided on a date and being a Graphic Designer had designed me a gorgeous print detailing our lives together. We were selling our flat at the time and by chance, the week he'd planned to do it we accepted an offer on the flat, had an offer accepted on a house and were then heading off to New York to celebrate his 30th birthday. But as he'd already had the date printed and framed in this print he couldn't change it!

It was a Friday, I was exhausted and changed into my very attractive fleecy pyjamas as soon as I got home. He called me through to the living room and I had a bit of a moan about it as I was busy in the kitchen. He made a wee speech about our lives together and presented me with the frame although that whole part is a bit of a blur now to be honest. Before I knew what was going on he was on one knee with a ring. I think I said yes about 20 minutes later once I got over the shock! It was one of the busiest (but best) weeks of our lives and that was just the icing on the cake!

Shop Till You Drop

I am extremely fussy. I change my mind about what I like every two minutes! So for that reason I thought I wouldn't have 'the moment' that other brides talk about. I'd planned to go to every shop in Scotland, just to make sure I didn't miss anything! I'd made my mum book out just about every weekend in December and January and had made all my appointments. From my first couple of appointments I'd pretty much narrowed down the shape I wanted and I knew I didn't want strapless but didn't want a high neck or either shoestring or thick straps...which didn't leave much! Anne Priscilla was only the third shop I went to but when I tried Skyler on, I just knew. I was shouting out of the dressing room to my Mum 'this is the one' and I wasn't even fastened into it yet. It was just perfect, and so 'me' which is what had been missing from all the other dresses. I really wanted a belt just to accentuate the waist but I didn't want to take away from the classic simplicity of the dress with lots of bling so when Penny from Anne Priscilla brought me the most simple little satin belt from another Augusta Jones dress, it all just fell into place.

I tried on a couple of other dresses but all I wanted to do was get Skyler back on! Me being me, I didn't want to commit straight away. I had all these other appointments booked and I wanted to go to them 'to be sure'. However, after getting dressed and even putting my coat on, I just couldn't leave without buying it. So I took my coat back off and got measured there and then. I cancelled my other appointments and not once in the next nine months did I regret my choice. I've never seen a dress I love more!

A Perfect Day

Relaxed and Fun! I originally wanted to go abroad to get married as I don't like fuss and attention but Kevin persuaded me that we could have the big day here but still keep it relaxed - and I'm so glad he did! We decided early on we would throw tradition out of the window and just have the parts that we wanted. We spent ages researching bands that would play music we liked and not the traditional wedding 'cheese'. We tasted a ridiculous amount of cake (and ended up with a cake table as we couldn't decide!) and made sure the food was exactly what we wanted to eat. We had a humanist ceremony which was so romantic and personal as we wrote the whole thing ourselves. Afterwards, we had lots of lovely comments on the whole day and everyone had fun which is what we wanted - just a big celebration!

Words Of Wisdom

Take time to enjoy the day! It's an old cliche, but seriously, the day goes far too quickly. And try not to let nerves get the better of you. I was so nervous in the morning and I didn't enjoy all the hair, makeup and prosecco as I should have. As soon as I started walking down the aisle, I was fine and I regret not enjoying that time with my mum and bridesmaids a bit more. What is there to be nervous about? You're marrying your best friend, in front of people who love you and are there because they want to witness this amazing day! And finally, go to the loo before you put your dress on so you don't have a last minute dash when the cars are waiting as I did!!!

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