9th Dec 2014

You Are Entering The White Room


The White Room have created this beautiful shoot of our gowns to showcase their store in the UK. We love the whimsical, magical styling!

"We wanted to explore a photo shoot that worked around the concept of doors. This connected nicely with the name 'The White Room' and also provided a consistent thread to link the different looks and styles we worked with. We worked with the magical selection of antique doors at Spencer Architectural in Stainby. We selected them based on the character of the door and paired it with a beautiful dress, extending the character of the shot through props and poses.

Doors have rich symbolism and have long being used in stories and folklore. They hold potential and represent the transition from one place to another both physically and metaphorically. We often talk of opening new doors, finding new discoveries and new potential, and this has great synergy with stepping through the doors of The White Room to find the most significant dress you will ever wear.  In fact, Marriage itself could be compared to a doorway as it signifies a new path and stepping 'into a new room'.

In some instances - doors are representative of the unknown, and when you step through the doors of The White Room you might just find the dress you had always dreamed of, or perhaps something unexpected that takes you in a new and wonderful direction!'

Dresses - The White Room
Photography - Samantha Hook
Styling - Mad Philomena
Flowers - The Flower Mill
MakeUp - Make Up By Jenni
Hair - Donna Rhodes
Models - Blake Models
Location - Spencer Architectural

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