18th Jan 2016

Ashley & Kenny


The Big Question

Kenny knew that I wanted the proposal to be a surprise. So, to catch me off guard, he proposed to me on a random, ordinary Tuesday evening after work. We usually ride together to work since we both work in downtown Omaha. He had asked if we could drop his co-worker off at his new downtown apartment and get a tour. I didn't think anything of it, and of course said yes.

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It was September 16th, so it was still pretty warm. I did notice when he walked out of work he was wearing his coat and I remember asking 'Why are you wearing your coat, it's so nice out?' his response was that he didn't want to carry it. (Little did I know it was to hide the ring!) His friend took us to the rooftop deck of his apartment that overlooked downtown. Kenny loves buildings and downtown skylines so he was taking a lot of pictures.

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I was just taking in the view and having small talk with his buddy. Kenny asked if I wanted to take a picture, and I was not feeling it. I had a busy day at work and said we can take one another time. He gave the phone to Ben and said "Ash, I'm trying to be serious". That is when it hit me. He then got down on one knee and proposed, and I don't really remember what he said. He knew that it was important for me to have pictures so that was why he had given the phone to Ben. I remember the first thing I said was "Did you ask my Dad?" and then after that I of course said yes! He had both of our families waiting for us to go to dinner, and it was just such a special, now not so ordinary Tuesday.

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Shop Till You Drop

Dress shopping was one of my favorite wedding things! My best friends from out of town all came to Omaha one weekend to go dress shopping with me. I had been to one store before to get an idea of the shape and style I wanted.

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The minute we walked into Ready or Knot, I was blown away. It is a beautiful bridal boutique with THE best two women working there. Jocelyn asked what I was looking for and started pulling dresses. I remember her bringing in a dress and I told her that I didn't like it and she could take it back. She said to trust her and at least try it on. Before that, I was loving every dress. Everything was so stunning and had its own details I loved.

I then tried on the dress she pulled for me. My eyes instantly perked up when I saw the dress on. When I walked out to show my mom, mother in-law and friends, everyone loved it. I was still on the fence, but was definitely loving it more and more the longer I had it on. My best friend was sending pictures to our friend that couldn't be there and told her that this was the one. I tried many others on and put it back on again.

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I just loved it so much and had a feeling it was the one. We had another appointment that day that we went to and I still could not get the dress out of my head. So, my mom and best friend went back on Sunday and I said yes to the dress that I didn't want to try on in the first place. It was so special to me and I was so thankful to have Jocelyn there helping me. You know someone is good at their job when they pull dresses for you that you would never try for yourself. It was a fabulous experience.

A Perfect Day

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Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and everything I have ever dreamed. I helped plan everything from designing our Save the Dates, invitations, programs, menus, signs, table decor, flowers and so much more. Our flowers and decor were stunning and everything came together even better than I had pictured in my mind. I remember we were on the party bus after the wedding and the venue coordinator sent me a picture of the reception area and I started crying because of how beautiful it was. I was just so happy with how everything turned out.

Kenny and I chose not to see each other before the wedding, so as you can imagine my nerves were driving me crazy. I had the best time getting my hair and makeup done with all of my closest friends and family. I don't think I could have stayed that calm without them. The final moments with my dad before walking down the aisle were so special to me. We were making each other laugh to keep from crying. When the doors opened and I saw Kenny and all of our loved ones there, it was an indescribable feeling.  Seeing Kenny standing there with his raw emotions is something I will never forget. At the reception, we had the best time dancing with all of our friends and family. I had always said I wanted a dress with movement, so I had so much fun twirling the night away.

It was the best start to our life together, and it couldn't have been any better. We loved every second of it, and wish we could relive each and every day.

Wise Words

My words of advice would be to enjoy each and every moment. From the planning, to the last minute tasks, to the wedding day. Enjoy it all because it goes by way too fast. Looking back at it all always puts a smile on my face. I remember the countless hours my mom and I stayed up working on invitations, or the cake testing when Kenny would eat all three flavors before I even tried one, or the day before the wedding when my seating chart was wrong and my amazing bridesmaids saved the day. Cherish each of those memories, because they are what make the wedding day as special as it is.

Photographer: Christine McGuigan
Dress: Julia
Location: Omaha, NE
Stockist: Ready Or Knot
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