1st Feb 2016

Lauren & Tim


The Big Question

I had organised a girls day with a few of my girlfriends up at her beach house in December. We spent the day together on the beach, watching movies and exploring the area. Around 6, we were going for a walk along the water when a friend of mine pulled up in his car wearing a tux.

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Nathan asked me to get in the car, and presented me with a long love letter written by my boyfriend at the time, Tim. Nathan drove me around the bay until we reached a long boardwalk lined with candles, and Tim standing at the end with flowers. Nathan walked me to Tim, we shared a kiss and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was truly special.

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Shop Till You Drop

It was super easy! We went to a couple of dress shops before we looked at Brides of Beecroft. As I was looking at a few dresses, Wendy, the manager of Brides of Beecroft held up 'Mary' and said it was her favourite dress in the whole store and begged me to try it on. As soon as I wore it I knew it was the one! It was perfect!


A Perfect Day

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The day flew by! People told me it would, but I didn't realise how fast. It was a perfect day that went so smoothly. The day as a whole was really emotional, lots of tears and laughter but mostly filled with joy. A few people even came up to us and said it was the most joyful wedding she's ever been too! It was just a magical day.

Wise Words

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Make sure to take some time out of your day and spend some alone time with your husband! The day goes so quickly and there are so many people to talk to, I wish I took my own advice!


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