22nd Feb 2016

Caroline & Scott


The Big Question

Upon asking for my parents blessing in July 2013, Scott knew he wanted to propose over Thanksgiving weekend. It would be the perfect excuse to have both of our families together.
A few weeks prior to Thanksgiving, he indicated that, due to conflicting schedules, his family would not be able to get together for Thanksgiving- we typically spend Thanksgiving day with his family and Thanksgiving night with mine. When I relayed this information to my mom, she suggested having his family over to my parents house the Saturday following Thanksgiving.
Little did I know, this was all part of their plan. She explained that this would not only allow his family to celebrate the holiday, but would also give our families an opportunity to spend some more time together. Scott was obviously on board with her suggestion.

So the day came- 11/30/13. We were all gathered in my parents kitchen when my dad asked for everyone's attention to give a toast. He thanked Scott's family for coming over and started on about how special Scott was. While my dad was rambling on, my mom was in laundry room getting Toby, my 6 lb. Yorkie, ready for the big proposal.
When she came out of the room, she was supposed to hand Toby to Scott, Scott was supposed to say a few words and pass Toby on to me- the proposal was on Toby's sweater. However, when my mom handed Toby to Scott, he was speechless and just threw Toby into my arms. All he could get out was "read the sweater." The sweater read "Caroline, will you marry me? PS- Toby approves." With that, Scott got down on one knee in front of both of our families and asked me to marry him.

Shop Till You Drop

My parents recently built a home in Charleston, SC and Scott and I were visiting them in July 2014. My mom and I decided that we would at least begin looking at dresses since we were 1 year away from our wedding date. I made an appointment at the Gown Boutique of Charleston. After reading so many bridal magazines and looking at Pinterest until I couldn't stay awake, I thought I wanted a simple, bohemian style wedding dress. I explained my gown vision to Jenna at the Gown Boutique of Charleston and she gathered all the dresses in stock that she felt matched this vision.

After getting everything set up in the fitting room, she came in with the Christine gown by Augusta Jones. She asked if I would please try this on even though it was the complete opposite of all the other gowns we picked; she just had a good feeling about it. I tried on the Christine gown before any others because, even though it was beautiful, I assumed it would never work for me.

I stepped out of the fitting room to show my mom and we were both speechless. Between the delicate lace, the stunning illusion back and the figure hugging style- it felt like the dress was made just for me.  It was the first moment that I truly felt like a bride-to-be. I couldn't believe how spot-on Jenna was and that I actually bought the very first wedding dress that I ever tried on.

A Perfect Day

My husband and I decided that we would write our own vows. While he wrote his months in advance, I couldn't seem to get mine just right. I woke up at 6am on our wedding day, put my pen to the paper and wrote my vows in minutes. It was one of the best decisions I made because my vows captured the purest, most honest feelings I have for Scott and our relationship. From there, I knew it would be a perfect day.

I had my hair and makeup done first so I was able to relax and enjoy watching my bridesmaids get all dolled up. Scott and I got married outside at The Barn on Bridge in Collegeville, Pennsylvania and a very close family friend performed the ceremony. We still receive compliments on our ceremony because of how intimate and sincere it was.

It was a perfect day in July- not too hot, partly cloudy. The aisle was lined with large galvanized buckets full of babys breath and wrapped in lace. Standing at the front of the aisle were flowing, lace curtains hanging from a wooden arbor. The reception was held inside the barn where the tables were centered with tall glass cylinders filled with babys breath in water and topped with a floating candle.

As the guests all found their seats, the bridal party and then Scott and I were introduced into the reception. As I turned to Scott for our first dance as husband and wife, the DJ announced that Scott had a surprise for me. With that, someone got me a chair and told me to sit down while Scott grabbed his guitar out of a closet. Scott wrote a song for me and performed it right there in front of all of our guests. It was the most beautiful moment- it felt like there was absolutely no one else in the room. At that point, everyone was completely out of tears and it was time to eat, drink and dance!

Wise Words

Everyone always told me that our wedding day was about us and we should do whatever we want to do. While that is partially true, I know that Scott and I would not be where we are today nor have had the wedding we had without our families and friends.
Our wedding day was not just about us; it was also about the people who have supported and loved us throughout our relationship. Take a step back during the planning process and especially on your wedding day to appreciate your family and friends who have been there for you every step of the way.

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