29th Feb 2016

Judith & Grant


The Big Question

Grant surprised me with a trip to New York City for my birthday in October 2012, our birthday's fall within two days of each other, Grant's on the 14th and mine on the 16th.  We made a quick stop in Ireland to see my family beforehand... little did I know it was a quick stop en route to ask my Daddy's permission for my hand in marriage!  We had a great trip doing what we both love to do... shop! 

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On the 15th of October (the day in between our birthday's) we decided to grab some breakfast and have it in Central Park.  We sat on a bench and watched the world go by and then decided to take a stroll around the park.  We made our way to Pine Bank Arch where we stood watching some horses having a rest below us when Grant said the part of the bridge I was leaning against was dirty and he set a tartan rug over it for me to lean against. 


On closer inspection of the rug it was embroidered with the words "Jude Mulligan will you marry me? Central Park 15/10/2012"  After reading the rug I turned to Grant who was down on one knee and revealed the most beautiful ring I have ever laid eyes upon... it was a complete surprise!  He then had arranged a beautiful horse and carriage ride around the park... a great way to digest what had unfolded that morning! 
Little did I know that quite a lot of family and friends already knew this was going to happen and had helped with the designing of my engagement ring which was hand made by a jewellery designer in Glasgow. We decided to set the wedding date for the 17th October 2015, making that particular week a real celebration for the rest of our lives... one we would certainly never forget!

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Shop Till You Drop


When I first moved to Glasgow as a student I always used to walk past Anne Priscilla Bridal and admired the dresses in the window and I always said to myself when the right man came along that it would be my first port of call for my wedding dress... and it was.  The shop is lovely and so are the staff.   

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Upon arrival into the shop with one of my bridesmaids I was immediately drawn to the Augusta Jones Anna dress and the assistant put it into the fitting room along with a few others.  I decided to leave Anna until the last and when I put it on I knew it was the one and the reaction of my bridesmaid as well as other customers in the shop just reaffirmed it for me!  It was a princess dress to match the fairytale venue!

I didn't however want to sell myself short and did shop around other shops but nothing could compare so I asked my Mummy and sister to fly over to see Anna before I made my final decision..... they both loved it!  Out of all the many shops I visited nothing compared to the dress or the good customer service I received at Anne Priscilla.  One assistant in another store actually told me that they didn't have what I was looking for and I was obviously comparing dresses to one I had already fell in love with and nothing was ever going to compare! 

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A Perfect Day

We had an unforgettable day made so special by our loving family and friends!  It is a long day which goes by very quickly!  It was a roller coaster of emotions, laughing one minute and crying the next... sometimes both at the same time!  We had a variety of entertainment for our guests, from a brass and reed band for the drinks reception to a singing chef after dinner which were some of the highlights of the day and something people are still talking about! 

One guest commented that it was a first day for her for a number of things; the first wedding where a female minister conducted the service, the first wedding where the best man was the Groom's sister and the first wedding where the couples dog delivered the rings!  We tried to incorporate Scotland, Ireland and New York into our theme as much as we could as these places mean a lot to us and they are now a huge part of our lives!

Wise Words

Just go with it!  Nobody knows what the plan is for the day except for the bride,groom and wedding co-ordinator so if things do not turn out as planned nobody knows but the people in the know!

Make the day personal to you.  Some people might think your ideas a bit wacky but if they are a reflection of you and your personality as a couple then do it!  It may sound strange in theory but in reality it will come together and be a true reflection of the couple you are!


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