7th Mar 2016

Annie & James


The Big Question

It all started nearly 12 years ago when I met James. We had been dating for about 14 months when he decided to take me to Paris for a few days. I honestly did not expect a proposal, even though my friends and family were saying 'ooh he's going to propose' we had not long been back from our first holiday in Cyprus and we often went for weekends away so I never thought anything of it and James gave nothing away for me to think it was anything other than a romantic getaway!

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We had a lovely day sightseeing and had returned to our hotel after a lovely meal. We were stood on our little balcony looking out at Paris at night. We could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance lit up- which we had been to the top of that day. It was then that James asked me to marry him, which because it was so unexpected and i was shocked my initial answer was a giggle and ' are you joking' something which was mentioned in James's speech and I am reminded of every now and then which we have a giggle about. But immediately after my answer was of course YES!


Shop Till You Drop

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I spent hours and hours looking for my dress. I had convinced myself that I was going to be wearing a Sophia Tolli dress. I tried dresses locally in Grimsby and ordered ones in that I couldn't find stocked. Which took me to the wonderful gem of a shop 'The White Room' in the lovely 'Southwell. It was here I travelled with my sisters and parents had a lovely day out and found my dream dress.

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I tried so many dresses on that day when a dress caught my eye on the shop rail. It looked simple compared to the ones I had been trying on. I almost didn't try it on Until my sister said they look so much different on the rail you won't know until you try it on. So I did! Straight away I knew it was the one for me. It's true what they say. You just try it and you know and it is such a wonderful feeling.

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It wasn't anything like what I had been looking at or trying, much more simpler but so classy and elegant. I really did feel like a princess. I chose the beautiful Anna Dress by Augusta Jones. Although my name is Ann, I kind of felt like it was meant to be! The beauty of this dress is that you can customise it, which i loved as i had already joked about purchasing another dress for the evening! I wore the Augusta Jones Lace Jacket in the day and then in the evening removed this and wore an Augusta Jones belt. It was so sparkly, perfect for an evening look! My guests also thought that I had 2 dresses!

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So, ladies please please always try something different to what you have been looking for when you are trying your dresses. Don't just go for what the dress looks like on the rail as until you try them until you try them you really don't know! Leanne at the White Room Southwell was so lovely and helpful,I miss my visits to the shop. www.thewhiteroomsouthwell.co.uk

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A Perfect Day

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The day went perfectly, it felt so relaxed and stress free. I love looking at the photos and seeing everyone so relaxed and enjoying themselves. I will never be able to thank my photographers enough for capturing our day so beautifully. It was like being photographed by our friends they made us feel so relaxed and so professional at the same time. We used Chris Waud and Victoria Benge of GoPhoto. www.thisisgophoto.com.

We love hiking and being outdoors so we used this as a bit of a theme for our wedding. We named the tables after places we have hiked together, we designed our cake with the fabulous and Talented Emma at Tiggylous Cakes.  Even though we had planned it, it was such a nice surprise to see it on the day as i just couldn't picture what it would look like. www.facebook.com/TiggylousCakes We had caketoppers made by www.essdale-toppers.co.uk. We had our hiking boots on and rucksack, we loved them and are a great keepsake.

We had so much fun in the day with outdoor games and danced the night away with an amazing Buble Tribute Mike Clews from www.astonmanagement.co.uk. We tried to keep the day personal and unique to us. My mother in law made confetti cones with forget me nots. This was something I wanted to do to remember my lovely nanna who is no longer with us.

We also made our own wedding invites to make it more personal to us. We did have the rest of our lovely stationary made by www.wowilikethat.co.uk 

Wise Words

If you have the option I would definitely DIY where you can, it can make it less expensive but also provides a personal touch to your day. It is so easy to try and plan your day to how you think others others would like it. But you need to do what is best for you and your husband to be. It really is the best day of your life.

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Photographer: Go Photo
Dress: Anna
Location: Healing Manor Hotel
Stockist: The White Room
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