28th Mar 2016

Sarah & TJ


The Big Question

It was a Tuesday in December. I opened the door to my apartment to find TJ waiting on one knee. I was completely surprised. I love surprises, but it's hard to keep me completely in the dark. Unbeknownst to me, TJ had asked my parents and siblings for my hand in marriage and designed the most beautiful ring (with some input from my mom). He'd written the most heartfelt and clever poem, which he recited in a shaky voice. I sunk to my knees in disbelief and immediately accepted his sweet proposal.

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We called our friends and family then headed to our most favorite restaurant in the city where we celebrated with champagne and pasta. I found out later that just before I walked into my apartment, TJ had poured celebratory champagne drinks but was so nervous he shattered the flutes all over the floor! Needless to say, we received lots of champagne glasses after we announced our engagement.


Shop Till You Drop

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I knew I wanted a gown that was classic and timeless yet still felt unique. I scoured the internet for inspiration before my mom and sister arrived in Chicago for a weekend of dress shopping. We made appointments at several boutiques around the city where I tried on loads of amazing silhouettes, but nothing felt like it encompassed everything I wanted.

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Until I finally had the opportunity to try on Skyler. The beautiful portrait neckline and scalloped lace drew me in. It was so elegant without being over the top. I felt so beautiful and confident. The very best version of myself.

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A Perfect Day

Our wedding day was the perfect way to begin the best chapter of our lives. We got married in Chicago in November so knew we were taking a bit of a gamble with the weather. The weekend before our wedding was sunny and 65. Our wedding day began with buckets of rain which eventually turned into the first snow of the season! We had so much fun taking photos in the soft white blanket of snow that had coated our favorite city. I don't think I stopped smiling the entire day.

The cocktail hour was in a cozy library with a roaring fire so our guests could thaw out with delicious appetizers and drinks. We laughed and cried during our family speeches and never left the dance floor. I was bursting with happiness and will cherish so many special memories from the day.

Wise Words

The only thing that matters on your wedding day is that you are marrying your best friend in front of your favorite people. It's true this is the most special day, but remember that the best is yet to come! It's just the beginning! So if there is big or little snafu, no worries! It's just the first day of a lifetime of happiness.
Oh, and don't worry about the weather. There was 8 inches of snow on the ground when we got married!

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Photographer: Todd James
Dress: Skyler
Location: Chicago, IL
Stockist: Macy's Bridal Salon
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