20th Jun 2014

An Interview With...Seraphim Couture


Tell Us About Your Store

Seraphim Couture is situated in the historical village of Greyabbey on the shores of Strangford Lough, on the Ards Peninsula. The village is referred to locally as the bridal village as literally within 200 yards there is everything you need for a wedding (we like the sound of this village!).including fabulous Augusta Jones Dresses!

The boutique is called 'Seraphim Couture' for two reasons: first, as Seraphim are supposed to be the highest form of angels that exist, the woman who founded the village was called 'The Angel of the Ards'. She was the wife of Sir John De Courcey, Alfresco and the daughter of the Norse king and when, after a terrible journey from Norway across the stormy seas, she landed safely on the Ards peninsula, so deep was her gratitude that she built an Abbey (hence the village is called Greyabbey). As there was much poverty in the area, this provided a way for locals to live and so Alfrecca was beloved and henceforth called, The Angel of the Ards.

Secondly, and a more personal one for me, I have always told my children to take their Angels with them. When they have been going into exams or stressful situations where I can't help. When my twin daughters were doing their GCSE's, I bought them little silver angel wings from Thomas Sabo, as a kind of keepsake. So now I sew the same wings into the bodice of each of my brides dresses with blue silk thread (how lovely is this - something blue!), to remind them that marriage is a journey. Take your angels with you.  


How Did You Get Into The World Of Weddings?

Having been bought a little sewing machine when I was five I started designing and making dresses for Sindy dolls - I'm showing my age here! - and had the best dressed dolls in Ireland! When I had my own daughters I used to make them 'Princess' dresses and my passion for gowns carried on from there.

I have now been designing and making dresses for adults for the best part of two decades and dressing people for nearly three. I was encouraged to do this full time by family and friends a couple of years ago as it has always been my passion and so on the 23rd May 2016, I opened Seraphim Couture to bring affordable couture to the Ards Peninsula.

What Makes You Stand Out As A Stockist?

Customer service is really important to me as I want every bride to be able to walk out in a high state of excitement about what the future holds. I do always start by telling my brides your wedding is for a day, but your marriage is for a lifetime.

I looked for dress designers and companies whose attention to detail, quality and style was second to none and whom I could work with should a bride require something a little different (our sentiments exactly!) from what was in front of them. I want every bride not just to have a couture dress, but a couture experience; I've seen too many brides for whom it was just dress shopping, but at Seraphim Couture we try to make the experience more special. More often than not, I'll know what dress will suit the bride inside seconds of her stepping in through the door and on many occasions have only had to put one dress on a bride, to find her the perfect dress.


Who Is Your Typical Bride?

I have no typical brides, they are all individual. The youngest bride I've has was 20, the oldest 74 and each was lovely to dress.

It's an adventure and the dress is merely part of that adventure. We always try to make it fun and ensure that the dress chosen also catches the brides personality.

What Would Be Your One Piece Of Advice For A Bride When Shopping For Her Dress?

Oooh, that's a hard one, can I have two?! (Oh go on then!)

1) Come with the person you trust most; don't bring the clan as you'll end up with lots of opinions and when someone gets offended they can end up unintentionally sabotaging your appointment.

2) Come with an open mind; my very first bride came saying she didn't want lace, didn't like strapless and hated satin; she went out with Augusta Jones 'Paisley' with the shrug to match so she could go from day to night true story, ask Christine (our lovely UK agent) as we made a bet on it!

Why Do You Love Augusta Jones?

The quality of the fabrics and the make of the dresses is second to none (we're blushing!), my girls just want to stroke the dresses all day! I also love the fact that we can change them in little ways to 'bespoke them' by adding sleeves, or a sash, a bolero or mixing two dresses together.

Which Is Your Favourite Augusta Jones Gown And Why? 

Ooo I can't choose just one! Paisley as it suits Northern Irish girls brilliantly. She can be customised so easily too so the bride can get a totally unique look.

The other Seraphim Couture favourite would have to be Bonnie, or 'Cheeky little Bonnie' as we call her in the boutique (we love the dress pet name!); all my brides who have tried Bonnie on love the pockets and the illusion back; they come in not wanting to try a 'Princess' gown on, try Bonnie and are smitten!


Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Tell Us?

We have some really exciting news coming but can't say just yet...STAY TUNED!

Facebook: Seraphim Couture
Telephone: 028 42788389
Location: Northernn Ireland
Stockist: Seraphim Couture
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