5th Sep 2016

An Interview With...Swoon..A Bridal Salon


Tell Us About Your Store


Swoon, a bridal salon is located in Reno, Nevada a.k.a. the biggest little city in the world. Situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just an hour away from spectacular Lake Tahoe, Reno is transitioning into a hip little town for lovers of the outdoors, food, and culture.  


How Did You Get Involved With The World Of Weddings?

Swoon's owner, Michelle Depoali, started in the bridal business 13 years ago at Marina Morrison in San Francisco where she spent several years dressing and consulting for the city's most elite brides.  

A Reno girl three generations back, she returned to her hometown to bring something fresh and contemporary to the bridal scene after encountering more and more Reno/Tahoe brides in San Francisco who complained that there was nowhere to shop in Reno. 

Michelle opened Swoon in 2008. She worked the store for the first three years by herself and has grown Swoon into a fabulous team of talented women. 

What Makes You Stand Out As A Stockist?

Swoon stands out because of our edited collection of dresses that we believe represents the best of each of our designers. We are tuned into what brides want and offer a mix of things from something to suit the traditional bride to the edgy bride to the more casual bride.  We pride ourselves on our curated collection of beautiful and cool. 

We also live and breath wedding dresses here at Swoon.  They are our passion. Our brides often say coming into the store was their favourite part of the wedding experience.

Who Is Your Typical Bride?

Our typical bride is cool and is looking for something different and fashionable. She has a modern and complicated life but knows who she is and wants to look fabulous. She is comfortable in herself and not fussy.


What Would Be Your  One Piece Of Advice For A Girl Shopping For Her Dress?

Simply put, you can make the process of buying a wedding gown as easy or as hard as you want to. We find that the brides who have the most joy in the process are the ones that make it easy who find something that they love and embrace it and never look back.  It's a sweet love story - a girl and her gown.

Why Do You Love Augusta Jones?

We love Augusta Jones because they offer a classic look in a modern way. Once we get our brides into an Augusta Jones gown they fall in love with the fit and beauty.

Which Is Your Favourite Augusta Jones Gown And Why?

Daphne is our all-time favourite gown because of her rich lace and modern silhouette. She offers enough classic drama while still being a modern and wearable look.


Anything Else You'd Like To Tell Us?

Our brides don't often come into the store looking for Augusta Jones gowns, but once they put them on their bodies, they love them.  It's a great feeling to find someone something that they feel so beautiful in.  Augusta Jones gowns never disappoint in the way they make brides feel.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 775.826.0505
Email: swoon@swoonbridal.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swoonbridal/
Instagram: @swoonbridal
Photography credit: Bride - Lauren Lindley Photography Store - Gagewood

Facebook: Swoon Bridal
Telephone: 775.826.0505
Location: Nevada
Stockist: Swoon...A bridal salon
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