30th Jan 2017

Kim & Matthew


The Big Question
Matthew proposed at Perdenales Falls State Park, overlooking the waterfalls. Perdenales Falls is our favourite hiking location in Texas. I have never been surprised in my life, I always know my birthday, Christmas, and anniversary presents and so when it came to the proposal Matthew knew any grand gesture I would've picked up on the hints. It was a Monday and Matthew swears there were a million people hiking that day, in the middle of a day on a Monday in September.

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It was getting so hot outside and I was ready to go, so he leads me to a spot in the park we had never seen before and it was on this cliff that overlooked the waterfalls and with not a soul around. We are both just taking in the scene, when I turned around to kiss him, he was on one knee and from that moment I wish I could tell you what he said but I was filled with so many emotions I began to cry and jumped up and said YES!!! He grabbed me up and kissed me and in that moment he said "You haven't even seen the ring!" The ring was perfect, just like the moment, and just like him.

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Shop 'Til You Drop
I made an appointment almost instantly from being engaged to Matthew at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City. My Mom, my older sister, and my baby niece, flew to NYC with me in November 2015 for my appointment. I went in not knowing what I wanted or with any prior idea of what designers existed. All I wanted was to fall in love with a dress by how I felt in it.

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My bridal Consultant was Allison Walters, she was AMAZING!! She really helped me narrow what I wanted in a wedding dress. I tried on 8 dresses and started to feel defeated, but my mom and sister kept reminding me that "this is for the experience" and I "shouldn't feel obligated to find my dress in Kleinfeld." That really helped because I didn't want them to feel as if I had dragged them all the way from Texas to NYC for me not to find my dress. Allison walks in the dressing room with a dress and I wasn't convinced I would like it from what it looked like in the bag, she said just try it on and we can see how you feel in it. That's when I tried on Keira by Augusta Jones, before it was completely on, I was crying involuntarily. I felt like a bride and all I could see is me walking down the aisle staring at Matthew. Allison looked at me and said is this your dress? I replied so quickly "yes it's mine". When I showed my mom and sister, they cried. I knew this was the dress I wanted to marry Matthew in.

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The Perfect Day
Our wedding day was so beautiful and I know that is going to sound so cliche, but every bride should feel that way. When I say beautiful I don't mean it the aesthetics version, (although it was so beautiful and nothing went wrong on our wedding day, everything fell into place perfectly( I mean the love between us is beautiful, it radiated through the day.

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I don't remember how the food tasted, what guests showed up, the songs the DJ played, all I remember is Matthew and how blessed I am to have him. I stared at him all night, all I could see was Him. Not anyone else. From the moment I walked down the aisle tears overflowed my eyes. He cried as soon as I walked out too. It was something we both longed for. He kept saying how beautiful I am and how I am living proof that God is great. We got married in front of a 9 foot wooden cross that Matthew and My dad built together, it was covered in white roses and white hydrangeas. Everything I had prayed for and even more is what our wedding day consisted of.

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We did have frozen popsicles for our guest along with hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour. I thought of every detail down to the T for our day. But I can honestly say that I hadn't prepared myself for how quickly the day passed. It sort of feels like I am explaining this dream I had. 


Wise Words
Wedding planning can be stressful but don't ever lose sight of the real reason why you're getting married.

Photographer: Monica Roberts Photography
Dress: Keira
Stockist: Kleinfeld
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