20th Feb 2017

Alli & Michael


The Perfect Day

My family was in town to celebrate Christmas on December 23rd, Michael was in the midst of taking the CPA exams and still had one left.  In my mind, there was no way he was proposing until after all of that was done.  We had a great Christmas dinner and then opened presents and Michael was cleaning up in the kitchen.  He asked me to come help him out and brought me back into the bedroom.

Next thing I knew he had said a bunch of really sweet things and was down on one knee.  I still am waiting for him to retell me everything he said!  We walked out and both of our families were waiting with champagne! It was a Christmas to remember. 


Shop 'Til You Drop

I really didn’t have a dress or style in mind when we started. My mom, sister and best friend Julie were my support team through the process. We had been to two bridal boutiques in Birmingham without much luck. The third stop was Carriage House in Birmingham and they were having an Augusta Jones trunk show. Anna the bridal consultant brought out about 6 dresses that she thought we may like.

My dress was the first I tried on and I immediately felt like a princess.  I loved the way it looked, the back was fabulous and the light sparkle really added the touch I was looking for.  We tried on a couple more to make sure and I just kept comparing and going back to the first.  We had one more appointment we had to go to so  I zoomed through the dresses, and called Anna to make sure she didn’t close before we could come back to buy the dress!

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The Perfect Day

Our day was perfect. We were staying on Pensacola Beach and got ready in a suite at Margaritaville Hotel overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was about 82 degrees. The girls all got ready together and everything was smooth. Paul and Teresa with PS Weddings were taking care of all the details, and it allowed me to just relax and truly take it all in.

Michael and I did our first look on a pier with the white sand and bright blue water behind us, exactly what we were hoping the day would give us. The ceremony was done at the church I grew up in, GBUMC by Michael’s aunt. Michael’s ring was his grandfathers who passed away right after we got engaged and it had been worn for 60 years, we hope it always serves as a reminder of what love truly is all about. It was such a sweet and special ceremony.

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The reception was rocking!  All of our vendors went above and beyond, and when we walked in we and our guests were blown away.  We had a great band, teenage daddy, a martini bar groom’s cake, delicious food by Nancy’s catering, beautiful flowers by Fiore, an open frame tent with chandeliers and draping and the best family and friends celebrating with us.


Wise Words

I think having a day of coordinator/wedding planner makes the entire process so much more enjoyable.  Especially the week and day of, my planner and his team made the week stress free and I was able to sit back and enjoy.

Secondly, the only thing during the entire process was regretting not inviting certain people to luncheons, parties and to the wedding.  So my advice is to have a reception that allows you to invite all of the people you want to be surrounded by as you celebrate the beginning of your life together.

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