20th Mar 2017

Brittany & Alex


The Big Question

A few months prior to our engagement, my now husband, Alex, won a trip to Bud Light's "Whatever USA."  It was a spontaneous weekend based around the theme, "Are you up for Whatever?"  Fast-forward to November 29, 2014. Alex woke me up really early to tell me he had to go in to work last minute. At about 7:30am, I heard yelling outside my front door. "Brittany, are you Up for Whatever?!" I peeked out of the windows only to see three of my friends in my front yard. I made my way to the front door to find a note taped to the inside. In the note, Alex informed me that I had a full day of surprises ahead, and I had to be "Up for Whatever" throughout the day. Oh, and I didn't have my phone (he took it) and wasn't allowed to ask any questions. The girls and I had breakfast, then they told me I had to get ready.

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We ended up at my favourite nail salon where another one of my girlfriends was waiting with another note from Alex. After we finished our manicures, I was put back in the car. We drove around for a little bit until I was dropped off at the mall, where I met three more of my girlfriends with another note from Alex that contained shopping instructions. After we found my outfit, the girls took me to get my makeup done, and then whisked my off to lunch where I found my Mom and sister, with another note.

We enjoyed lunch and then it was back in the car. This time, they took me home where Alex's mom and sisters were there to help fix my hair finish getting ready. Once I was all dolled up, they dropped me off at Busch Stadium (the home of the St. Louis Cardinals, our favorite sports team). All of a sudden, the gates opened and a man asked if I was Brittany. When I said yes, he told me he was expecting me and that I should come inside. He took me down to the field where Alex was standing, looking handsome as ever, with a bouquet of flowers and a sign that said, "Are you Up for Whatever, Forever?" When I got to where he was standing, after some very sweet words and a few tears. I won't tell you from whom :)  he proposed! Of course I said yes! Only then did I realize there was a photographer present to capture the entire thing! 


Shop 'Til You Drop

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I was never one of those girls who grew up picturing her wedding.  So, when we got engaged I didn't have a secret Pinterest board at the ready; I really had to start from scratch.  I knew I wanted a dress that was timeless, I wasn't looking for something that was on-trend.

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I looked at a few different bridal salons before going to The Ultimate Bride.  I described what I was looking for and began to try on dresses.  After trying on a couple, the stylist told me that she had exactly what I wanted, but it was a little bit outside of my goal price-point.  I told her I wanted to see it anyway, and I am so glad that I did. The Anita dress was EXACTLY what I didn't know I always wanted.  We added the sparkle aspect to the dress, and I couldn't have been any happier.

The Perfect Day

The feeling you get on your wedding day is really indescribable. I don't think my heart has ever been so full. To be surrounded by all of your loved ones while you get to marry your love is just an unbelievable experience. Watching Alex see me walk down the aisle is a memory I will forever cherish. We had a large bridal party - 10 on each side, plus ushers and wedding attendants, so our party bus was really a party. Being able to have all of your best friends in one place is a gift.

That feeling was only further expounded at our reception. Everyone looked so happy, and had so much fun.  The room was beautiful, every detail was perfect, our choreographed first dance was a success, and the dance floor was packed the entire night.  When the DJ announced it was the last song, I looked around and everyone was still there, not ready for the night to end. Alex and I felt the exact same way, so we moved the party over to St. Louis's Ballpark Village.  We ended the night in the same place we celebrated our engagement nearly 22 months prior. If I could relive it every day, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Wise Words

The best advice I received was to take a minute at your reception, stand in a corner, and just look at how much fun everyone is having because of you. You put so much work in to this day and you want to experience every second, but take a beat and give yourself the chance to watch everyone else experiencing it, too. You won't regret it.

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