3rd Apr 2017

Jessica & Jake


The Big Question

Jake's favourite holiday is Christmas. He does it big every year. Lot's of Christmas shows, events, and tons of decorating. When he convinced me to decorate our house for Christmas the Sunday before Thanksgiving I wasn't surprised.  We spent the entire day in sweats decorating the house and running errands. At around 3:30PM he called me into the family room and told me to look at the tree. I just thought he wanted me to admire it, so it took him a few times to make me look at the tree skirt where the ring box was sitting. The best part  was that he planned it right before I flew home to be with my family for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful way to get to celebrate with them even thought my family is far away.

Shop 'Til You Drop

My dress hunt started Thanksgiving week. I couldn't really describe what I was looking for, but I started shopping with my mom and sister at the local dress shop in Racine. I kept on trying dresses but they just weren't right. I wanted something classic and simple that still screamed bridal. The dress shopping continued over the holidays. In total we went to about 5 different stores, but nothing felt right.  Finally, my friend Kate recommended that I try Ready or Knot in Omaha. I scheduled an appointment and my mom ended up flying down to help. 

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The Ready or Knot team reached out to me before my appointment. They were kind, patient, and confident they had the right dress for me. The Daphne dress was the first one I tried on.  With the ability to cover the back in lace it was perfect. The best part was the Ready or Knot team supported me through the entire process. I am not from Omaha, so having them give me great recommendations for a seamstress and how to transport my dress allowed my mother and I to focus on other parts of the big day. On the wedding day my dress was perfect. It not only fit my vision, but it was comfortable! The dress allowed me to move with ease, be social, and dance the night away! 

The Perfect Day

We got married in my hometown of Racine, WI at the church, St. Lucy, I grew up in.  While Jake and I call Omaha home it was important to us to show all of our friends and family my hometown and what makes it so special. 


We had the reception at the hotel, so no one had to go anywhere. The weather was a perfect 70 degree day in Wisconsin. Probably our favourite part of the day was the cocktail reception. It was in the hotel's courtyard. Jake and I decided to be at the cocktail reception with our guests.  We loved being able to spend that extra time celebrating with everyone!


Wise Words

Create an agenda the week before, send it out to everyone involved, and follow it. It allows you, as the bride, to be present in every moment of the wedding day. It goes by so fast the most important thing is to be present.

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