10th Apr 2017

Nicole & Matt


The Big Question

We were out in Utah and Arizona road tripping, and decided to embark on an awesome hike called Angels Landing at Zion National Park.  Hours later, we made it to the top and caught our breath when Matt decided he wanted to venture further up. I reluctantly followed. 

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We finally got to a platform that was away from the crowds and I was facing away taking in the amazing view when he got down on one knee behind me and when I turned around, he proposed. I felt on  top of the world, literally!  We drove to Las Vegas that night for our flight the following day and celebrated Vegas style!

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Shop 'Til You Drop


I don't feel like I look good in white, so I was dreading finding a wedding dress. I didn't want a bright white dress, but wanted something classic and bridal. I invited all my bridesmaids to NYC to hold a bridesmaids brunch to ask them to be in my wedding party and celebrate.


The following day my 2 younger sisters, mom, and I had an appointment at Kleinfelds.  The Augusta Jones Keira was the first dress I tried on and after a few fails, I went back to it and we all started crying. I loved the organza skirt and the amazing cream colour that it came in. It was exactly what I was looking for!


The Perfect Day

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Even though Matt and I both went to the same college and spent many summers vacationing in Avalon with our families, we did not meet until a few years post-graduation down in Avalon through mutual friends. We had our first date there and have spent so many memories there as a couple at my family beach house, so it was a no brainer when deciding where to get married. It is simply our 'happy place'.


We got married over Labor Day weekend on the day that Hurricane Hermine was supposed to strike the island. All morning there was rain and wind, but the hurricane ended up blowing out to sea, and our photographers Sandi & Jay from Twisted Oaks Studio were able to capture some great sunset shots. The silver lining was that the island was urged to evacuate and us along with 150 of our guests practically had the island to ourselves.


Throughout our wedding planning it was really important to us to honor everyone who contributed to our journey to this moment. That is why I was super excited when I found out that Jimmy Choo made shoes called 'Louise'. I wore them in honor of my late grandmother, which is also my middle name. My something blue was a piece of the navy t-shirt of my family's business.

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Initially thinking that the day was going to be pretty hot, my mom insisted on providing refreshments for guests, which led to our idea of setting up a lemonade stand outside the church compliments of the bride and groom. We were married at Maris Stella Chapel, which is around the corner from my family beach house and we drove away in my father's VW beetle from the 1960s that is part of his old car collection.


We regularly go to the local beach bars to see Burnt Sienna Band play and were so happy to find out they were available for our wedding. They rocked the party all night long and the guests enjoyed dinner and cocktails in the open concept ballroom. In place of typical menus, each place setting had a phrase to our guests to let them know how excited they were here to celebrate with us!


Wise Words


Make every step of the process a little event and don't rush through anything.  I feel that some of my most treasured memories were at the events leading up to it and the time spent with those I love most!

Photographer: Twisted Oak Studio
Dress: Keira
Location: Reedsat Shelter Haven
Stockist: Kleinfelds Bridal
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