17th Apr 2017

Shikha & Kevin


The Big Question

Kevin and I are high-school sweethearts. We met in grade 11 Math class and we had been dating for 11 years before he popped the question. Kevin planned a secret 14-day trip and I had no idea where we were going. He did not give me much instruction on what to pack so I had to be prepared for anything and everything.

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It was not until we got to the Toronto airport that I found out our flight was headed to Rome, Italy. He rented a cute little flat and had made plans to see all of Rome in 4 days. I didn't understand why he was rushing to see everything so quickly when we had so much time in Italy.

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It turned out that Rome was only the start of our trip. Our next stop was in Prague and our last stop I was not expecting - China! We landed in Beijing and climbed the Great Wall of China, which is where he proposed. Kevin proposed without a ring but in the trajectory of our trip we had actually made a ring around the world so the trip was a metaphor for a ring. Together, we always promised to cherish people and experiences over physical things so it was the most beautiful proposal I could have asked for. However, being a true girly-girl at heart I did end up picking out a physical engagement ring!

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Shop ' Til You Drop

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The dress hunt was a very emotional and taxing experience. Before I even got engaged, the Augusta Jones "Skyler" gown had shown up on my Facebook feed and I was taken by how timeless and elegant it was. When I saw the gown it was instant love. However, I wasn't engaged so it was very much just an idea of what I'd like my one-day wedding gown to look like. The image, however was burned into my brain.

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When I got engaged and finally starting shopping for dresses almost 1 year later, I tried on over 100 dresses trying to find something remotely similar to my dream gown. I never thought to look for the Skyler gown itself because I assumed it would have been out of production since so much time had elapsed. I had visited over 10 boutiques and made 3 trips to Kleinfelds in Toronto before having a near meltdown over the frustration of finding my perfect gown. I decided that since I had nothing to lose I would show the picture of my dream gown to my consultant, prefacing it with "you probably don't have this as I saw it online over a year ago".  My consultant Mackenzie replied by saying, "Shikha, I think I actually have this dress!" Mackenzie went into the stock room and came back to my fitting room with my dream gown in tow. I put on the gown and knew it was the one. It was a dream come true.

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I can't believe how cliche my story is as it really was the first dress I ever laid eyes on all along, even though it was probably the 101st dress that I actually tried on!

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The Perfect Day

I had always wanted a fall wedding so we picked the date based on previous foliage reports. Based on our research we picked the middle of October because it was also historically the driest month in Toronto and the weather would still be such that we could get outdoor photographs. We got really lucky because it was a sunny day and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. To top it all off it was 22 degrees celsius - unusually warm for a fall day in Toronto.  

Kevin and I agreed the ceremony was the most important part of the wedding day so we wanted it to be in a really special spot. We chose Casa Loma because who wouldn't want to get married in a castle if given the opportunity? The conservatory where the ceremony was held is just breathtaking so we felt it was the perfect spot to exchange our vows. We found a non-denominational wedding officiant with a British accent (I love an English accent!) who incorporated the rituals we liked from various religious ceremonies so the whole experience was quite eclectic for our guests. My family is Hindu however so there was a predominance of Hindu rituals. My family in particular really enjoyed hearing the hindu traditions as it was their first time hearing them in English and we think that it made it incredibly meaningful for all of our guests. Kevin and I wrote our own vows and I don't think I've ever experienced so many incredible emotions all at once. It was the most beautiful moment of my life. My photographer luckily captured all of these emotions very accurately in the order in which they unfolded.

Our wedding reception was held in Vaughan, ON and it was an incredible night. We had a 4-course sit down meal separated by speeches delivered by members of the wedding party and our families. My husband and his groomsmen actually serenaded me with an original song written by Kevin himself and it was incredible! All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed this romantic gesture and I was the happiest I had ever been. The speeches were followed by lots of dancing and the dance floor was absolutely packed! We asked our DJ to play some Indian music and it really drew both sides together on the dance floor. Everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time. We couldn't have asked for a better wedding day. 

Wise Words

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful and it's easy to get lost in the details of it all. When the big day comes you've done all that you can do so it's important that you forget all of the little things. Don't fret about the caterer or the cake or if the flowers are the wrong colour or anything else that after a point you have no control over as no one will notice anyway. 

Just immerse yourself in the moment because at the end of the day your wedding is about you, your husband, your family and your closest friends so let yourself experience the emotions. If you are able to bring yourself back into the moment it will be a perfect day no matter what goes seemingly wrong to you.  

Photographer: Divine Method
Dress: Skyler
Location: Le Jardin
Stockist: Kleinfelds Bridal, Canada
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