1st May 2017

Kate & Jay


The Big Question

Jay ended up proposing at his house, which is his childhood home and our now forever home.  We have known each other since we were born and even have home videos of us together at his fourth birthday party in that house which makes it so special. I had been out of town that week for work and he had convinced me we should go out to a nice restaurant for a start of the holiday season date night. He let me pick the place and I ended up picking where we had our first official date. 

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We had a great dinner and he asked if I wanted to go out that night. Most of my friends were busy so we ended up saying we would go back to his house and I could finish the bottle of wine I ordered (he always attempts to help me drink wine but switches to a cocktail after a sip). On the way home, he said he needed to grab some pop for cocktails and so we stopped at the gas station to, unknowingly, kill time. We get to his house and walk in, I stop dead in my tracks and ask "What is going on?"  The lights were off, there were so many candles everywhere and music was playing. He took me towards the dining room which had the most candles, champagne, flowers and the ring. After sweet words and me hysterically crying, I asked him two questions.  The first was "Did you ask my dad?" and the second was "Did you light all these candles before you went to dinner?"  Safety first, his best friend was lighting all the candles while we were at the gas station and they were even texting in code so I did not know. Two weeks later we went on our previously planned vacation to NYC and it was the best engagement trip ever!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

Dress shopping was really enjoyable! I thought I had found my dress at the second place I went to. We decided to go to one more store with an intent to look more at bridesmaid dresses than anything. I showed the stylist what I had picked out at place #2 and she started bringing out other dresses to try on including various, beautiful Augusta Jones dresses. 

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As soon as I put Keira on, it just fit like a glove and hit me at all the right places. We went back to place #2 with the same audience and when I put on the previously picked dress, there was no comparison. We went back that day to purchase Keira from place #3!

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The Perfect Day

The day ended up being utterly perfect. It was 57 degrees in Nebraska, which is quite warm as I was prepared for a possible snow storm. I got ready with all my bridesmaids at the hotel and Jay got ready with all the guys at home.

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We didn't cry during out first look which we were very surprised about. But even after a first look, we both cried as I walked down the aisle. We were married in my childhood church. As soon as my dad gave me away, we accidentally kissed (because that is what we do to console the other), the whole church laughed and once we were actually married, our pastor told us we now could legitimately kiss.

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We had 11 flower girls and 5 ring bearers and all but the youngest ring bearer made it down the aisle which was a pretty big feat. The reception ended up being everything we envisioned.  My cousin did my flowers and helped me with all the decorations so it was even more special when we walked in to see how beautiful the ballroom looked.  I loved dancing the night away with all of my family and friends!

Wise Words

Be present throughout the day because it truly flies by!  The week before, set some time to hang out with your fiancĂ© and not talk about the wedding, just enjoy yourselves. We made sure to make time for a dinner date the night before our rehearsal dinner.

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Since the day goes by fast, please try not to stress too much about the small details beforehand. What is most important is the feeling you have all day!

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Photographer: JM Studios
Dress: Keira
Location: The Paxton Ballroom
Stockist: Ready or Knot
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