24th Apr 2017

Megan & John


The Big Question

I knew a proposal was coming at some point. My Dad spoiled the news by telling me John had asked for his permission and blessing to marry me during our family vacation. However, I had no idea it was coming so soon!

We were visiting Charlotte, NC for John's nephew's first birthday party. I had no idea there were other plans at work for the weekend. John actually ended up getting sick, so plans were almost called off! However, by Monday morning on July 18th, 2016, John felt well enough to propose.

We were staying at the Duke Mansion and John asked me in the morning if I wanted to swing on the porch swing overlooking the gardens for a while. I agreed, got ready, and met him on the porch. The gardens at the Duke Mansion are absolutely picturesque, and as I was looking out at the garden, in my own little world, I turned around and John was on one knee! I was completely shocked, but so overjoyed! We spent some time just the two of us before joining his family to celebrate! It was the best day ever.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Our engagement was exactly 5 months long, so I knew I had to find a wedding dress sooner rather than later! About one month into our engagement, I made a conscious decision that I needed to find a dress before the end of the week. I had tried on a few dresses before, and they were all very pretty, but I wasn't sold on anything. Two of my sweet college friends met me at the White Magnolia in downtown Greenville and Johna was the sweetest consultant, making me feel so comfortable. The third dress I tried on was it!

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I actually didn't think much of the dress on the hanger. I thought it was pretty, that's for sure, but I didn't fall in love with it until I put it on. Even at that, it still took me a few minutes to take it all in. When I came out of the dressing room, my friends both told me the dress was perfect. One of my girlfriends put it, "Megan it's perfect for you, traditional but with a unique aspect to it!" The more I looked at myself in the mirror, the more I realized this really was the perfect dress, and that it was the dress I was going to wear on my wedding day. I loved the lace and hint of sparkle. The train was gorgeous, the sleeves dainty, and the dress was so soft and comfortable. It took maybe 10 minutes, but I knew this was my dress. I immediately Facetimed my parents and they agreed! That day I felt such a sense of relief and excitement. I knew I wouldn't have to settle for just a pretty dress, but that I had found the perfect one for me!

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On another note, my friend remarked that she thought the veil she had worn at her wedding 6 months prior was the exact color of my dress. We loved the idea of sharing the veil, and as it turned out it was a perfect match! Our other girlfriend is getting married in September, and we will see if her perfect dress matches too!


The Perfect Day

We were married on December 18th, 2016. It was a gorgeous, sunny, seventy-five degree, and absolutely perfect day!


We celebrated in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, where John grew up. I spent the morning with my parents and best friends getting ready and nervously awaiting seeing my groom. 
We decided to do a first look right before the ceremony at John's parents home, and in hindsight we are so thankful we did. It was a precious 10 minutes of quiet peace of mind that we shared, before the wonderful craziness of the day ensured. 

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We held an intimate and spiritual ceremony in the chapel of the church John has attended since he was first born. All our family and friends were all able to be present, and our sweet nephews made the cutest ring bearers. I cried, and John stayed cool, calm, and collected, before we knew it we were pronounced husband and wife!

Following the ceremony we held a reception at Wachesaw Plantation Club. I loved the venue with its live oaks, Spanish moss, and southern charm. I adore flowers, so I knew I wanted lots of greenery and fresh blooms in pinks, creams, and red. We wanted the day to feel warm and festive, but we didn't necessarily want a Christmas theme. 

I have two favourite memories from our reception. The first was the dance my dad and I choreographed together. We started dancing to the Carpenter's "Top of the World" my dad's favourite song, and then did a fun hip hop dance to Bruno Mar's "Treasure." My dad and I love to dance so it was a perfect moment to share with him. 

Second, my grandmother was able to make it to our wedding from Canada and she brought the knife she and my grandfather used to cut their cake on their wedding day. She stood with us as we tried to cute the cake  and removed the knife for us, as is tradition in my family!


Overall our day was so full of love, family, and happiness. We had happy butterflies the entire time, and felt immensely grateful for the many blessing we had been given. We left the reception amidst loads of bubbles and John carried me inside the cottage we were staying in, for a perfect ending to the perfect day.

Wise Words

Plan for your marriage just as much as you plan for your wedding! The wedding is one glorious and magical day, but marriage is for a lifetime. Be a team, and always root for your teammate! #TeamHanna

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