15th May 2017

Brianna & Logan


The Big Question

Logan proposed on our 6 year anniversary. We went away for a few days and had found a nice place to go for dinner. We were walking on our way to dinner, opposite us was a beautifully lit up lake, it was lightly raining and I was trying to walk quickly to avoid getting wet, when I turned around to see what was taking Logan so long and he was down on one knee telling me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

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Shop 'Til You Drop

My dress hunt was not like most brides I have known, the first and only place I went was to Brides of Beecroft in Epping NSW.  I wasn't too sure what I wanted, I only knew I wanted it to be strapless. I tried on maybe 10 dresses max.

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The dress I fell in love with was the very first one I had put on - I made some changes, extended the train and made it fuller towards the bottom and I was obsessed. It was the Anna Gown in white.

The Perfect Day

Our ceremony was held in the same church my grandparents got married in around 63 years ago. St Brigid's Catholic Church in Coogee NSW and our reception was at the Taronga Centre in Mosman NSW.

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Our day was absolutely perfect, there literally was not a cloud in the sky. People don't often believe me when I say this but nothing went wrong, it was a picture perfect day. Everything ran so smoothly, I could not have imagined it to have been any more amazing than it was. Having our wedding photographs alongside animals at Taronga zoo was something so unique and the view of Sydney Harbour at the Taronga Centre really topped off the day. I married the man of my dreams.


Wise Words

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My words to other brides to be would be to enjoy the planning stages, enjoy it because it really does go as quickly as everyone says. Don't be pressured into doing things the way others want it done, its your wedding, your day, do what you want and regardless of what goes wrong during planning or on the day, it will be the best day of your life and it is something you will never forget.

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Photographer: Haley Hughes Photography
Dress: Anna
Location: Taronga Centre
Stockist: Brides of Beecroft
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