22nd May 2017

Lindsay & Stephen


The Big Question

Stephen proposed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). He told me he wanted to have a picnic at IMA gardens. He loves cheese and I love wine so we packed up plenty of both and headed to the gardens. We had some wine and cheese then he told me he wanted to walk around to see some of the grounds. He was being very particular about where he wanted to go which is so unlike him. We were basically the only ones there because it was late in the day and extremely hot out.

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We walked around and I saw this photographer taking pictures and it seemed like we were getting in the way. I tried to tell Stephen we should get out of this man's way. At that point, Stephen turned to me and said the photographer was there for us. I was so confused and the next thing I knew Stephen was telling me he wanted to marry me and getting down on one knee. It was intimate, perfect, and I love looking back at the pictures the photographer captured. 

Shop 'Til You Drop

I went dress shopping with my mom, my sister (my maid-of-honor), and my future sister in law. It was the perfect small group. Going into wedding dress shopping day, I thought I knew what I wanted-form-fitting, not strapless, and no belt! We went to M.H. Pomanders in Indianapolis first and told the ladies there what I was looking for and they pulled a bunch of dresses that were exactly what I described. Many of them were Augusta Jones dresses!

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I liked them, but none of them wow'd me. One of them suggested I try on the Keira dress. She said she knew that it wasn't what I was looking for, but to give it a chance because she loved this dress. Off the hanger, I was skeptical. It was a ballgown, didn't have straps, and had a belt. However, I tried it on because I couldn't deny that it looked beautiful. When I put it on, I started giggling in the dressing room. My mom, who wasn't in the dressing room, said "you hate it, don't you?" and I responded with "Actually no, it's perfect." I felt like a bride for the first time! I was shocked though because it was so far from what I would have guessed I would wear.

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I went to some other salons just to browse around some more, but kept comparing it to that dress. I gave myself a couple of days to think about it because it was just not what I expected, but ultimately knew that it was my dress. We added straps, but kept the belt (which ended up being one of my favourite aspects of the dress). Gosh, I wish I could wear that dress all the time :) 

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The Perfect Day

Stephen and I got married on October 8th, 2016 in downtown Indianapolis, IN. It was seriously the perfect fall day-- 68 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. You always hear that you should expect something to go wrong on your wedding day, but the day couldn't have gone any more smoothly.

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The day started out with my bridesmaids and my mom getting ready with me in the Conrad (where we would later have our reception). They had this gorgeous space for us to get ready with great lighting for pictures and hair/makeup. It was such a fun morning. I had the best women to stand beside me on that day. They made me feel so relaxed throughout the day.


Around 1pm, I got in my dress and did a first look with my dad and then one with my bridesmaids. I had kept my dress a secret from my dad and all my bridesmaids (except my sister and sis-in-law) and it was so fun to see their reaction to me in my wedding dress!


After that, Stephen and I had our first look on the penthouse of the Conrad. The generous couple that lives there allows brides and grooms getting married at the Conrad have access to their gorgeous space. The first look was so special and the pictures that we got from the balcony overlooking Indianapolis on that perfect fall day are priceless. It was so nice to be able to talk and spend time with Stephen.

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The ceremony was at St. John's Catholic Church, a gorgeous church downtown. It was the perfect ceremony. Afterwards, the bridal party took a trolley around Indy to take some more pictures then head back to the Conrad for the reception. The reception was a blast with lots of dancing and speeches. It was truly the perfect day. 

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Wise Words

1) Try on some dresses that you don't think are your type
On your wedding day, surround yourself with people that will make you feel calm, happy, and have your best interest at heart.
3) There are so many decisions! More than I ever would have guessed. Take is slow and don't get overwhelmed. There are some decisions that are extremely important and some decisions that no one will notice. Keep that in mind when you are prioritizing what gets your attention.
Consider a first look! I was totally against it prior to discussing the pros and cons with my photographer. After talking about it with Stephen we decided to do one for a couple of reasons. 1. We wanted to spend more time together on our wedding day. If we didn't do a first look, I wouldn't have seen Stephen until 4pm at the ceremony. The time we had together during our first look was so special and we wouldn't trade it for anything.  2. Calm nerves! 3. Logistics of the timeline to make sure we had enough time to get pictures and hang out with guests. I was initially afraid that seeing Stephen before the ceremony would take away the special moment of walking down the aisle, but it absolutely did not.
Book a videographer! I know a lot of brides are on the fence about it and I almost decided against it as well because it is another expense. It is so worth it! Watching back the video of our wedding day is so special and I know it is something that we will cherish for years to come. It captures the wedding day in a different way than pictures do.

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Photographer: Sami Renee Photography
Dress: Keira
Location: The Conrad
Stockist: M.H Pomanders
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