5th Jun 2017

Alaire & John


The Big Question

John proposed on his boat. He told me we had to go get fuel since it was my sisters 30th birthday and I was told we were going to go on the boat for drinks before dinner. He sped up towards the Manasquan inlet where both of our families were holding a big "marry me" sign his PopPop made. I turned around after seeing them all, he was on his knee. I said yes. Everyone at the beach was clapping as we sped away and went and celebrated with champagne with both families, where my father docs his boat. 

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Shop 'Til You Drop

My dress hunt was much easier then I thought it would be! I went to one location, tried on about ten dresses and then my mom brought me over the dress which I picked! It was everything I wanted.

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Lace, open back, sparkle throughout and not strapless. It's simplicity was what won me over. I didn't want anything big, or over the top. 

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The Perfect Day

The day as a whole, was just perfect. From waking up at my parents to closing the diner at 3 am. The Weather was amazing, Our bridal party was so fun, & The band was great - we danced the night away. 

Wise Words

Wise words would be to seriously enjoy every single second of the day, because it goes WAY TOO FAST and to just HAVE FUN! 

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Photographer: Something Blue Photography
Dress: Daphne
Location: Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty
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