19th Jun 2017

Mia & Paul


The Big Question

Paul proposed in Queenstown, New Zealand in March 2015.  We decided to take some time out of home life and the ordinary to go backpacking together for 3 and a half months around South East Asia, Austalia and New Zealand. Paul proposed 3 months into our trip whilst we were freefalling on the biggest canyon swing in the world - not one to do things by halves haha! (We'd also just done the Nevis Bungy Jump so it was just the craziest day ever!)

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I went dress shopping with my mum, and it was just the loveliest experience. I wanted to keep my dress a secret from my bridesmaids because I wanted them to have a little surprise on the day, as much as the suspense killed them, the 'reveal' on the big day was so special and so worth the wait in telling them about my dress. Eve our photgrapher captured the moment perfectly!


We went to a little bridal shop in Bath called Krystle brides, they were just brilliant. It was the only bridal shop we went to and I left that afternoon having chosen my dress! I'd fallen in love with 2 Augusta Jones dresses, the Skyler and the Karen. Krystle was so amazing, gave yourselves a call and you were happy to try out my ideas to combine the two dresses and make a couple of tweaks and we decided to go for it!


So much trust but so much support from Krystle made me realise this was just the best decision! I was going to have a bespoke dress, made just for me, and was so excited that it was everything I'd dreamt of! And better still, we didn't know the name of the two dresses I'd chosen.. When we came to write down the tweaks I was making to the dress and we found out the dress was called Karen it made it even more special - that's my mums name and we shed a little tear or two.


The Perfect Day

The day was just perfect. So much love, so much happiness and surrounded with all our favourite people. It was just the best feeling to look around with my new husband and see so many smiles!


We included our love of travelling into the day and had a rustic but travel themed wedding, with polaroids of our trip hung around the barn, a globe as a guest book, tables named after our favourite destinations and even a cake in the shape of a suitcase made by my lovely mum. We tried to keep the day quite small, so we could spend time with the people we love and it worked perfectly. After a gorgeous day we danced the night away and just had so much fun celebrating.


Wise Words

My number one piece of advice for brides to be would be, be selfish. The day will fly by, make sure its everything you two wish for,  don't worry about what other people think. They will understand that its a special day for you and respect your decisions.


Also make sure you take time out for just the two of you to take in the day, after all - the whole day is about the two of you being husband and wife! Our photographer took us out into the surrounding fields of Kingscote Barn and left us to have a walk, chat, and enjoy each others company - it was one of my favourite parts of the day and you can see that from the photos. 

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Photographer: Eve Dunlop Photography
Dress: Bespoke Karen/Sklyer
Location: Kingscote Barn
Stockist: Krystle Bride
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