11th Sep 2017

Kristi & Angelo


The Big Question

December 11, 2015. We were in Mystic Connecticut around Christmas time, and we were having a peaceful walk around the docks and the lit up christmas tree near the town's center. Angelo then surprised me with my favorite dessert, a box of french macarons from Laduree and he said it was my "pre-christmas gift". And in that box, in between the colorful macarons was the ring!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

My dress hunt had started about a year before the wedding. My mother and I looked at various places. One in New York, and a few in Connecticut. I had heard of The White Dress by the Shore from bridal magazines, websites and even social media. So my mother and I decided to go look there one day.

I had tried on so many different styles of dresses because I didn't have my mind made up on the look that I wanted. When I tried on the Augusta Jones gown, my mother and I were both breathless! I loved the way it complimented me. From there we knew that was the dress and my mother ordered it for me that day.


The Perfect Day


Our wedding day was everything we imagined it to be. We call it our Big Fat Greek-Albanian Wedding. All these months of planning and it went by so fast. We had a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony at Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange, CT. The ceremony was about an hour long, but that hour was probably my favorite part of the day.

We then went over to the Aria Wedding Banquet in Prospect, CT. While everybody was enjoying cocktail hour we were able to get some more pictures, with our fantastic photographer Steve DePino, and then enjoy some quality time with our family and bridal party. We had the best support that day. I remember one of my bridesmaids following me at the suite with a plate of food, making sure I ate as I was getting my hair and makeup touched up by KiSSandMaKeUp.

The rest of the night was just beautiful! We had a lot of fun dancing all night to Greek and Albanian music, from traditional circle dancing to modern. Being surrounded by our family and close friends made the night memorable.

Wise Words

Don't Stress! It can be easier said than done, but this really is such an important concept to remember. Things happen the way they are meant to be, and in the end everything will fall into place. There were so many silly mistakes the day of the wedding that not a single person noticed.

A comment that I received all day from people around me was "you are such a calm bride!" And I truly was throughout the whole day and even planning. I think my mother stressed out more than I did!

At the end of the day when you are marrying your soul mate, that is all that matters. All you need is your loved ones, food, and music and you and your guests will have the best time.


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