18th Sep 2017

Allie & Enrique


The Big Question

After four years of dating and a summer trip to Jackson Hole with my parents, I knew a proposal was coming...I just didn't know when! I thought it might coincide with my birthday in mid-September, However, when Enrique, got the call from the jeweler that the ring was ready to be picked up, he just couldn't wait! It was a random Thursday evening, and Enrique suggested we grab dinner and walk over to the park, since we hadn't been back in a while after meeting there. I jokingly said, "what, are you going to propose?" and reached into his breast pocket and one of his pants' pockets, searching for the ring. Turns out, the ring was in the other pocket! 

We walked over to the park and stopped under a beautiful Live Oak tree, which is over 100 years old and has these long, beautiful branches that touch the ground and surround the tree. There, Enrique turned to me, grabbed my hands, and started telling me how much he loves me. Then he started crying and got down on one knee. 


Shop 'Til You Drop


I'm fairly certain my mom was more into the dress hunt than I was, so she scheduled five salon appointments for us while I was home over Thanksgiving break! I had a vague idea of the look I wanted, but had no idea how many options there were to choose from! It was a little overwhelming at first.

The gown I ended up choosing was pulled by the stylist, and I loved everything about it from the second I put it on, especially the illusion neckline. The dress was so different than anything I had seen and was simple, classic, and beautiful. I felt gorgeous in it and received so many compliments on my wedding day! The dress was definitely a hit.

The Perfect Day

It was perfect! We were expecting thunderstorms, but it ended up being a gorgeous, sunny day. Our ceremony and reception were intimate, with just 50 family members and very close friends, which allowed us to spend a lot of time with the people who mean most to us.

My husband's son, Alexander (8) was the best man, and it was nice to include him in such a special part of the day! That evening, we had a cocktail party at my parent's home, which allowed us to include friends in the celebration.


Wise Words


Ask for help where you can get it; don't be afraid to move forward with your vision for the day and how you want it to look and feel; soak in every moment and detail and be present!

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