30th Oct 2017

Michelle & Mario


The Big Question

Mario proposed in the middle of our living room in private before we headed out to my 30th birthday party at my parent’s house. Before getting on one knee, Mario showed me a video of my son asking for his permission to marry me and what he thought about Mario being his new stepdad and of course my son told him “it was about time he asked!.”

I told Mario years before when we first started dating how much I LOVED Tacori rings. As soon as he pulled out the little blue box I knew what it was! Really actually shocked he remembered.

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Shop 'Til You Drop

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I went shopping with my 2 best friends and my mother and we FaceTimed my 3rd closest friend because she was living in France at the time. I wasn’t sure of what kind of dress I wanted. I knew I wanted my dress to be simple but elegant and I wanted one thing to really stand out. I picked out dress styles to try on at the store online.

There were a few Augusta Jones dresses I tried on but none of them compared to the “Marsha” dress. My stylist placed the Marsha dress to the side for me to try on last and sure enough it was the one we all fell in love with. So I purchased my dress at my very first appointment! When you know you just know.

The Perfect Day

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We really love our town of Denton, Texas so I really wanted to incorporate all of our local vendors into my wedding. My venue was a small mansion called the Milestone in Krum, Texas. It was only 15 minutes away from our house and not too far for family and friends.

I loved the Texas feel we had to our wedding but I wanted to make sure it didn’t have a rustic look to it. I wanted it to be elegant but still have some spunk of our own. Everything was perfect and exactly how I imagined it!

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Wise Words

Try and take in all the memories and cherish it. And don’t worry about the small stuff because at the end of the day it’s all about you and your groom.

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