27th Nov 2017

Katie & Chris


The Big Question

Being a true family girl Chris did something not many men would have the guts to do and proposed to me at my family home on my 28th birthday weekend in front of my parents, auntie, sister and her boyfriend! It was so lovely as Mum had the bubbles ready and I got to share that ‘wow moment’ with the people I love most!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I had an amazing experience at White Mischief in Henfield. I only took my Mum and sister, as was advised by other brides not to take a whole hoard of bridesmaids and family as it gets too overwhelming. It was calm around me but also soooo exciting at the same time! Weirdly I hadn’t picked my dress out on my ‘wish list’ to try, but the shop assistants knew their dresses well and asked me to try it as a wildcard! 

I am so glad I did… as soon as I put it on and couldn’t keep this big cheesy grin off my face! It wasn’t what I had in my head that I wanted style wise, but I would advise all brides to keep an open mind, and use the assistance of the experts as they will know more about what dress will flatter you than probably you will!

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The Perfect Day

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We got married on 07.07.17- triple 7… which is meant to be lucky! We had an absolutely stunning day weather wise. Having opted for a traditional church wedding we then went onto a lakeside marquee venue, which on a beautiful English summer day, was everything I could have hoped for!

We had a botanical garden theme with ferns and glass bottles everywhere and huge flowers suspended from the ceiling. My Mum, sister and a family friend were my rocks; we did so much of the wedding prep ourselves not only to save money, but also as nobody did things quite like I wanted! Labour intensive but so worth it!

Our sunset photo shoot was one of my favourite moments as Chris and I got some time to chat and reflect on our day with the evening still ahead.

Wise Words


1) Hold your bouquet nice and low at hip level; you always want to show off the smallest part of your body in whatever dress you choose- i.e. the waist! It will ensure your wedding photos are more flattering
2) Personal touches make the day special; we had a live butterfly release just before we sat down for our wedding breakfast in memory of loved ones who have passed away, it was emotional but so special!
3) Take time to dance with your Dad, Mum and close friends/family – the day does go quickly but there is always time to do the things YOU want to

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