11th Dec 2017

Jessica & Austin


The Biq Question

Austin had gotten really intense about planning a weekend away in Las Vegas, which is normally a quick flight from Denver where we live and something that doesn't require much planning, so I was a bit suspicious. He also was very insistent we ride the "high roller" ferris wheel (Vegas's version of the London Eye) I was sure that if he was going to do it on the trip, it would be then! I was even more clued in when he insisted we get dressed up. We got to the top of the wheel, and nothing! 

I resigned myself to just enjoying a nice trip with my boyfriend and not worrying about it. However, as soon as we got back to the hotel room to go out to dinner, he dropped to one knee and really surprised me. He told me that the moment was just for us and he didn't want to share it with anyone else, and even quoted the silly line he said to me before our first kiss.

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Shop 'Til You Drop

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I must have gone to every bridal salon in Denver in the 4 days my mom was out to visit. I had actually picked a different dress that I liked well enough, and was going to cancel my appointment at Anna Be, but one of my bridesmaids who lives far away was going to be in town just for that day so I decided to keep it to have the memory with her. I put on the "Jess" dress at that appointment, and it was made for me! It even had my name.

The Perfect Day

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The day went by so quickly and I was so overwhelmed with the happiness of getting to marry Austin and simultaneously having all of the most important people in my life in the same room at the same time. It rained all morning as we got ready, but I wasn't worried and the clouds broke just in time for us to do our first look on top of the gondola in Vail. 

I cried the entire ceremony while Austin stayed much more photogenic! Our good friend Dani did a wonderful and very personal reading comparing a marriage to skiing on a powder day which was very touching, and our friends Ross and Mary Katherine performed a song from the Bride's college days that fit well into the wedding. We also passed the rings around on a pillow that was started by my grandmother and finished by my aunt so everyone could say a prayer or send some good and loving vibes over them. The groom's ring was made by a friend of the couple.

We had so many talented friends help us! After pictures and the cocktail hour, we joined dinner and listened to the touching toasts from my father, both maids of honor together, and the best man. Everyone was ready to enjoy the magic mirror photo booth and the dance floor after that! Late night larkburgers from the venue's famous spin-off restaurant were served in leiu of favors. We departed via pedicab after a sparkler send-off. 

Wise Words

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Delegate! Especially the week of. Everyone is willing to help and if you try and do everything yourself you will end up completely exhausted.

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Photographer: Happy Confetti Photography
Dress: Jess
Location: Larkspur Vail
Stockist: Anna Be
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