15th Jan 2018

Jenna & William


The Big Question

He pretended we were going on a work trip and that he had a 'meeting' in Amsterdam. It was only when we got to the airport and checked in that I spotted the tickets said Madrid. I assumed this surprise was down to it being our '5 years together weekend'.

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He booked my favourite hotel in Madrid and proposed in Retiro Park with an organised guitarist and singer playing. The building was called the glasshouse and is gorgeous! I had absolutely no idea! He nailed it!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I had tried on 33 dresses before I found 'Penny'. It was by complete chance I found her too. I had found a dress that I thought was 'the one' in a shop in Datchet. I nearly cancelled my appointment at Windsor Bride but my Mum convinced me it was the last shop left and only around the corner so we should just have a final look and then we could go back to the Datchet shop and purchase the other dress.

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We arrived at Windsor Bride and met Nicola and Denise who were fantastic. I had a browse around the shop and picked out 2/3 Augusta Jones gowns and made my way to the dressing room. Literally 2m in front of the dressing room, another bride had tried a dress on and flung it on the side of a sofa. Straight away I noticed the material. I touched it. It was the EXACT material I had been trying to find from the beginning of my dress search and I simply hadn't found it anywhere.

9709 9710

It is a milky challis with horsehair under skirts so it moves really well. Denise and Nicola then put me into the dress. The internal bodywork of the dress was incredible. It had a full corset so pulled me in but then the corset was hidden with material and a zip - IT WAS PERFECT!

9711 9712

They then added the Skyler jacket and I looked in the mirror. That was it. That was 'the feeling' that everybody had told me about. After looking for 2 months finally I knew! We then went out and showed my Mum. Her face lit up and she stopped talking. She had the same feeling and the other dress was long forgotten..

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The Perfect Day

It was just amazing. Everything we wanted. The whole day went so well and we just had the best time with our friends and family. The wedding was in South Wales and it had been forecast to rain for the past 4 weeks. I had to just accept that it was going to rain but prayed there would surely be a 5 minute gap where we could run out and get some photos in front of the castle. I was armed with umbrellas and had a full back up plan for the torrential rain. Then, as my Dad & I walked out to the car going to the church, the clouds disappeared and the sun shone so bright! It was 20 degrees and I couldn't believe it. I had the last day of summer!

9716 9717

We managed to get all of those important pictures and I was over the moon. We had a steel band and vintage games for the welcome drinks on the lawn and then a pianist for the wedding breakfast followed by a DJ and 7 piece band for the evening. We did a lightly choreographed first dance to Etta James' 'At Last'. I loved turning around and seeing friends and family that hadn't met before throwing each other around the dance floor. It really was the fairytale I had always wished for.

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Wise Words

You HAVE to take 2 minutes at some point in the day to find your groom and stand back away from everyone and just watch them. You have to take it in. That you are standing at YOUR wedding and all of the people there are there for you both.

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Photographer: Leslie Choucard
Dress: Penny
Location: Hensol Castle, South Wales
Stockist: Windsor Bride
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