22nd Jan 2018

Kendra & Ryan


The Big Question

Ryan proposed at an Alpaca farm (Lucy Brook Farm) in North Conway, NH.  I am obsessed with alpacas and his family knew the farm owner so they worked it out to "give me a tour". As the farm owner was herding the alpacas over to us one of them came trotting over with a little box around her neck.  Ryan brought it to my attention, then dropped to his knee, and the rest was history.  It was awesome!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

My mom and sister wanted to kill me.  I think I went to 15 stores...probably more.  Nothing stood out to me, no matter how beautiful the girls at the stores said it looked, I just wasn't satisfied until I went to La Reine in Waltham, MA.  The woman I was working with brought me a couple dresses to try and when I put the Augusta Jones on I felt very comfortable, it fit me like none of the other 60+ dresses I tried on did! 

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 The 'modified A-line' (as the lady told me it was) just fit me perfectly and I loved how it looked.  It was fitted like I wanted but the shape of it, I truly did not try on another dress that fit/felt as good as it did.  It was simple, but I knew I was planning to add a top for the ceremony so it was perfect.

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The Perfect Day

We had our wedding at a boutique hotel by the water in Salem, MA. The lobby was filled with couches and Holiday decor so it was so cozy!  We wanted our friends and families all to be able to stay at the hotel where our reception was, everything was so easy and within walking distance.

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Our Ceremony was in the evening at 6 so we did a first look in front of the Hotel, it was the weekend after Thanksgiving and they had all of their holiday decor up it was gorgeous, wreaths and lights outside the hotel too. For November in New England we knew it would be cold, it had been in the 30's all week, but on that day it was in the 50's!

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Once I saw Ryan the nerves were gone, we were so happy and excited, and literally just went on a stroll through Salem in the gorgeous weather while the photographer followed and took pictures.  We walked down the street to the waterfront and got some great shots as the sun was going down, and into the park next to the hotel where leaves were still on the ground. 

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Our ceremony was lovely, at Immaculate Conception Church a block from the Hawthorne Hotel, again we walked there. Then, it was party time! We were blown away when we walked into the ballroom, my mom had been working so hard the past year on all of the details, but one surprise was huge marquee letters spelling LOVE in the windows, it just added such a special touch to the room!  We had one of the best DJ's in Boston, and also a friend of ours, Scott Arrington from Murray Hill Talent.  No one wanted to leave the dancefloor other than to snap a picture or two in our full size mirror photobooth!

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Wise Words

Take your time with the dress shopping process, NOT all strapless a-line dresses are created equal, and find a dress that feels comfortable. I had such an amazing time in my dress all day because I was comfortable and felt beautiful.

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Photographer: Benoit & McCarthy Photography
Dress: Rebecca
Location: Hawthorne Hotel
Stockist: La Reine Bridal
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