26th Feb 2018

Amy & Zac


The Big Question

February 11, 2017 was the best day so far. The whole day was very thoughtful and sweet.
I thought Zac and I were going to visit Courtney and Brian, our old small group leaders from freshman year, in San Antonio.

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Zac picked me up and took me to Chick-fil-A for breakfast, where we had our first date. Brian then calls Zac and asks if we could wait and come by around 1:00pm. So we "killed time" visiting The Palladium Movie Theatre where we hung out for the first time and where they attended church. We then walked around Bass Pro Shops and saw our old dorm rooms.

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By then, it was about 12:30 and time to start driving to Courtney and Brian's house in Boerne. When we arrived, I walked around to corner to see a kitchen full of some of my closest friends. Zac gave me a letter and said he would see me later. I then enjoyed a few hours reading his letter, eating some food, drinking mimosas and just enjoying time with the girls.

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Later that day, Carly (maid of honor) drove me to a friends house were Zac had spent the day. There Zac walked me around to the back yard where there is a swing where we have had many sweet conversations together. We sat and talked for a minute before Zac got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I live in Austin and my parents still live in my hometown 3 hours away. So my mom came to Austin, Texas with me one day and we planned 3 bridal appointments! Exhausting but we didn’t have any other options because I really wanted my mom to be there. We made a full day of it and had so much fun.

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Our first appointment was at Blue Bridal Boutique at 10:30 am. The ladies who work there are angels. I mostly was just in awe that I was trying on wedding dresses! So I thought they were all beautiful and just kind of had fun with it. I tried on what I thought I would like and some that I knew I would never wear. I went into dress shopping wanting sheath fit and I LOVE the illusion look. I was pretty anti poofy/ball gown for some reason.

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We then had coffee at a cute little coffee shop then headed to Blush Bridal Boutique for appointment #2. Adorable little place. I tried on the exact dress I had pictured in my head. And honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed. I kept telling my mom that it was so strange that I was trying on the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen but yet was critiquing them and finding flaws in these gorgeous gowns. We had fun here but left not in love with any of what I tried on.

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After a long lunch, we then went to Unbridaled. Zac’s mom came and I tried on several different ones. When I put on my wedding dress - both of them cried and I really did feel so beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking at the back of it. We then put on the veil and I fell in love.

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Wise Words

Your wedding is the one day in your life where all of your people are in one room. And you get to marry the love of your life. How cool is that?! So the pretty details are fun and make a day beautiful, but what makes the day the most beautiful is your love for each other.

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If something goes wrong, if you don’t have a certain detail right, you still get married and that’s awesome. So I wish I could have let go of deadlines, details, timelines, and being overwhelmed and just enjoyed the planning and preparing for marriage. How beautiful your wedding is does not reflect how beautiful your marriage will be.

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SO make sure to spend time preparing for marriage, however that may look for you in your life. And I hope you find a dress that makes you feel beautiful on your day, because if you feel beautiful, your smile and attitude reflects that, and that’s what is truly beautiful.

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Photographer: Brittany Jean Photography
Dress: Monique
Location: The Farmhouse
Stockist: Unbridaled
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