9th Apr 2018

Brianna & Anthony


The Big Question

It was the first beautiful day after about a month of rain. Anthony coaxed me into Asbury Park by telling me we were meeting up with friends on the boardwalk to celebrate one of our best friends landing a new job. As we walked down the boardwalk, there was a glistening of candles on the beach. Anthony, Samantha and Brenden almost lost the battle of convincing me to go onto the beach to check it out, I wanted to go straight for drinks. Thank god they got me onto the beach, I would have ruined it!

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As we made our way onto the beach, I noticed the candles made up the shape of a heart. I remember thinking wow this is so romantic, especially for the couple that was sitting 15ft from it. I thought it was for them, and that we were crashing their engagement! The couple told us it wasn’t theirs, then Anthony somehow convinced me to get inside the heart to take a picture. That’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said YES!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

Everyone talks about the stress of planning a wedding. Being an event planner, putting together all of the details for our wedding was something I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I knew exactly that I wanted. The one piece of the puzzle that was the big unknown, and the thing I stressed most about, was the dress. I’m one of those people that changes their outfit five times before finding the outfit that works. I knew that finding a dress was going to be the biggest obstacle. So, I did what everyone does and confided in pinterest.

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 I found a style that I liked. A fitted, lace gown with cap sleeves and a key-hole back. My mind was set and I was ready to try it on. I went to Kleinfeld and described what I was looking for. The first dress was pulled and it was exactly what I described. I loved it. Knowing myself and how I change my mind, I wanted to be sure so I asked for dresses that they recommended just to get a feel for something else. I tried on about 15 more dresses and just totally confused myself because now I was leaning towards a dress with an A-Line skirt. Totally flustered because I now loved two dresses that were two totally different styles. I couldn’t make a decision, so I left with no dress. This trend continued onto the two other stores and 30 other dresses I tried on.

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Castle Couture was the fourth and final store I went to. I tried on another 10 dresses and thought that I found the one. When I was walking down their long aisle, that’s filled with hundreds of dresses leading up to the biggest mirror I’ve ever seen to say “yes to the dress”, somehow one dress out of those hundreds of dresses stood out to me. I said that I wanted to just try on just that one more. I put it on, and knew it was my dress. It was the perfect combination of the two dresses that I was getting stuck between. An A-Line skirt, lace bodice, cap sleeves and a dramatic back. It was perfect, and it was mine.  

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The Perfect Day

It’s such a cliche, but it was the best day ever. It was the most perfect fall day. The year and a half of planning all came down to this day. Everything went perfectly. There wasn’t one thing I would have changed. I married the love of my life, with our family and closest friends by our side. I was the happiest I’ve ever been.

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Wise Words

One: Allow yourself to be a guest at your own wedding. Put your trust in all the planning you did and the vendors you chose. We had the best team putting together our event. From the venue to our photographer, videographer and band down to the limo drivers, everyone went above and beyond to exceed my greatest expectations and make our wedding day so special. It was the best gift I got that today, because I was able to just be present and take every moment in.

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Two: Do a first look. Anthony and I were back and forth on this. We thought that doing a first look was very untraditional and might take away from walking down the aisle, but this was not the case at all. Our first look was so special. At that moment, time paused. Nothing mattered but us. It took away all my nerves. Seeing him just made me feel so comfortable and worry-free. The walk down the aisle is such a special moment, and nothing can really take that away. Because I had already seen Anthony, when I was coming down the aisle with my dad and my step-dad I was just able to savor that moment with them and take everything in and appreciate what was happening rather than worrying about what Anthony was thinking or what his reaction was. He and I were already on the same page. It was such a surreal moment. 

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Photographer: Magdalena Kernan
Dress: Bronte
Location: The Abbie Holmes Estate
Stockist: Castle Couture
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