23rd Apr 2018

Courtney & John


The Big Question

On Ferbruary 19, 2016 John took me out for a "late" Valentine's dinner to make up for our missed Valentines date on the actual day.  John brought me to one of my favorite restaurants and we had our favorite garlic knots and dinner!

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While we were there, and unbeknownst to me, a couple friends were at our house setting up "the proposal" that John had strategically planned out. When we got back to our house, John said to me "you should go first, I have a surprise for you."

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When I opened the door to our house, there were rose petals scattered over the stairs making a path to the kitchen table,2 dozen long-stem roses, and my favorite (red velvet with cream cheese frosting) cupcakes. On the cupcakes there was writing that read "Will you marry me?"  I looked over and John was holding the most beautiful ring and waiting for my response.

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I said "of course" and we celebrated with champagne and listened to "Marry You" by Bruno Mars (we even made a video and shared it with our family and friends)!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I should preface this with, I am a very picky person. I essentially had a dress in my mind that I had not seen before but was on a mission to find. I wanted a white, lace dress with a boat neck and open back. I wanted it to be fitted through the waist but not mermaid. After going to six different dress shops and trying on countless dresses, I narrowed it down to a designer and style.

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I loved Augusta Jones dresses and knew her lace was like no other dresses I had tried on! I loved the 'Skyler' dress but was getting married in a Barn so I did not want a mermaid bottom but more of a 'Karina' bottom. After going to six dress shops, the seventh shop Rana Bridal in New Jersey helped all my dreams come true.

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Rana had all of the Augusta Jones dresses and was fully knowledgeable about customizing Augusta Jones dresses. She ordered me a Skyler top and Karina bottom. She also let me come back again and again for fittings to make sure everything was perfect!

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The Perfect Day

We got married June 23, 2017. It was a beautiful summer day in New England, the sun was shining and birds were chirping. Our favorite priest performed the ceremony and everything went off without a hitch!

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Our venue was a rustic barn in the hills of Connecticut. The venue/ staff at the venue, the florist, the ceremony musicians, the DJ, photographer, videographer and all the vendors were amazing! I remember being overwhelmed with joy that I was blessed with not only amazing man I could call my husband, but also the opportunity to share such a perfect day with family and friends.

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When my husband and I got to the venue, the words I believe we used were "It is all worth it!"  All the planning, stress, money and time we put into planning our wedding was all worth it. And we are still so grateful!


Wise Words

Its fine to stress about your wedding all the way up until the day before. But after this time, consider it out of your hands. Take each part of your wedding day as it comes. Do not jump ahead stressing out about the next part of the day. Each moment is special and meaningful. 

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Photographer: Christina Corneau
Dress: Skyler/Karina
Location: The Barns at Wesleyan Hills
Stockist: Rana Bridal
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