28th May 2018

Lindsay & Joe


The Big Question

Joe and I had planned for months to have dinner at eleven Madison park in NYC and stay overnight in a hotel as our 30th birthdays are a month apart. I was not expecting a proposal. That night after dinner we went back to the hotel it was June and the sun was just setting so he took me up to the roof top, (me still not suspecting anything) we took in the view and he had people setup a beautiful table with my favortite flowers (peonies), my favorite candy (hot tamales), a bottle of champagne chilling, and beautifully prepared chocolates.

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 I was still thinking this is all for our birthdays and was just enjoying the ambiance. Joe started saying the sweetest words to me and dropped down one knee and proposed. A lot of that night is a blur but I remember that he said to me "I've never been more sure about anything in my life as I am about marrying you", he wasn't nervous at all and it was the best night of my life.

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Shop 'Til You Drop

Finding the dress was not bad at all; I'm not the type of girl that needs to try on 1,000 dresses to make sure there isn't something better out there. I knew the style I wanted, and my budget and went from there. I went to Kleinfeld's and they were extremely professional and put me at ease. I told the consultant want I wanted in a dress she brought me some options.

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I initially wanted sleeves and was against strapless, but my consultant brought in a dress and asked if I wanted to try it; I was open to anything and trusted their opinion. I loved it as soon as I put it on and it got the biggest response fro my family. After trying on about 10 dresses I found the one.  My main fear when going dress shopping was not being able to fit in the dresses. Kleinfeld's alleviated all that worry, and I went back later in the day to buy my dress.

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The Perfect Day

My wedding was absolutely amazing, the pictures and getting ready is always stressful as was making sure the wedding party got from point a to point b, but after we arrived at the venue I was relaxed as the entire space looked amazing and exactly like my vision.

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From the moment the reception started everyone was on the dance floor and the dj pretty much had to force us to eat. I had the time of my life that night, we danced until midnight. I could not have asked for a better evening.

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Wise Words

I could say try not to stress the small stuff but you will and everyone does because you care and because you are spending a lot of money. I would say try to make it through with as few meltdowns as possible and there are times to give in to family pressure and times to stand up for what you want, because after all your wedding day is for you and your future husband.

I was told many time that this day wasn't for us it was for our guests and I call b.s. on that. My and my husband went through a lot of drama during the planning but all along he kept telling me he promised me the best day of my life and that is was.

Photographer: Rosemarie Elizabeth
Dress: Marsha
Location: Liberty House Restaurant
Stockist: Kleinfeld Bridal
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