4th Jun 2018

Anna Marie & Chase


The Big Question

Chase and I grew up in next door houses at Lake Burton. We didn't actually meet until I was a freshman in college but we immediately started dating after that. The lake always was a special place for us throughout our relationship since that is how we met.

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One weekend toward the end of the summer we were up at the lake and it was a normal day for us, full of fun on the lake cruising around on the boat. We had been planning on having dinner at the restaurant on the lake that night where we started dating called The Chophouse at LaPrade's Marina. We always would go to dinner and then go out to the "Sunset spot" on the lake where all the boats congregate to watch the sun go down behind the mountains.

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This night was no different until as soon as the sun went behind the mountains Chase asked me to stand up and he got down on one knee and proposed. Just after that my family came from around the corner on our other boat and had seen the whole thing and was ready to celebrate. It was the perfect night!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

My dress hunt was surprisingly so easy and fun! The December before our wedding I went shopping with my mom and sister to The White Magnolia. I tried on 6 or 7 dresses, which took a lot longer than I thought but I knew immediately that my dress was the one.

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I didn't really know exactly what I was looking for going into it but I had the perfect bridal moment when I found the one. I ended up buying my dress that night on the first stop!

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The Perfect Day

The day before our wedding on December 8th it snowed 8 inches, which is very unusual for Georgia especially at the beginning on December! It was so crazy and stressful but made the weekend so beautiful and magical. The next morning when we woke up it was still snowing like crazy but luckily mid-morning the sun came out and it was so pretty with all the snow on the ground. I always dreamed about being a December bride and the snow just made it all the more perfect. I know they say rain is good luck so snow in Georgia must be extra good luck!

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Chase and I had spent the night with each of our wedding parties and spent the day getting ready with them. Brushworx hair and makeup came to my house and my bridesmaids and I got ready there. We finally headed to the church and took pictures and Chase and I had a first look.

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We had a traditional Episcopal wedding at the church where I grew up and then partied the night away at Roswell Founders Hall. It was the perfect day I always dreamed about with holiday and homey touches throughout.

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Wise Words

My advice would be to not stress too much about the details and to go with the flow when something doesn't go as planned on the big day (because it's bound to happen! :)). The snow was definitely not in our plans and we had to adjust some things because of it but it was out of our control and it ended up still being the most perfect and beautiful day!

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Photographer: Morning Light
Dress: Skyler
Location: Roswell Founders Hall
Stockist: The White Magnolia
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