16th Jul 2018

Rebecca & Erik


The Big Question

Erik knows how important family is to me and with me living in a different state from the rest of my family, any time spent with them is very special. Erik made sure family was a part of that special day. I wanted to have both families together for  Christmas so I planned our first family Christmas party at our new home. We had about 16 family members at our house that night.

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We were taking pictures when Erik suggested we get a picture of me and him and our parents. As my sister was getting ready to take the picture, he went down on one knee. I still remember him looking up at me smiling. The only people who knew about the proposal were my parents and his parents. There were so many tears of joy and excitement.

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I was so surprised that I forgot to answer him! I heard Erik say "Well?" and my mom say "Answer..". Of course I said YES!! It was truly an unforgettable and special night.


Shop 'Til You Drop

I found my dress at the first place I went to. However, it was not the dress I was looking for. After striking out with a couple of dresses I thought I wanted, the girl helping me brought in a completely different dress and asked me to try it on. It was perfect!!!

10357 10358 10364

I didn't try on another dress after that. The design was called the Rebecca. I learned this after I said yes :) I paired my dress with a beautiful belt made of pearls, diamonds and opal and match earrings.

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The Perfect Day

Our day was so much fun! It was a beautiful day in May in Hoover, AL. We had all of our friends and family there with us and we couldn't have been happier! It was truly a perfect way to start the rest of our lives together.

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Wise Words

Just have fun! Enjoy every minute of the day. It goes by so fast so do what makes you and your future husband happy!

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Photographer: Al Weddings
Dress: Rebecca
Location: Marriott Hotel, Birmingham, USA
Stockist: Carriage House
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