23rd Jul 2018

Christina & Bill


The Big Question

For our anniversary in October 2017, we planned a long weekend in northern Wisconsin.  After going to the Packers-Bears game at Lambeau Field on Thursday night to watch our rivalling teams battle it out, we headed further north to Door County. The following morning was spent exploring a small town and having brunch at a local pub. Bill was keeping a close eye on his watch, as he suggested that the two of us head to Peninsula State Park to check out the bluffs and beautiful fall scenery. 

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What I was unaware of was that there would be a photographer there waiting to capture our special moment.  As we overlooked the bay from atop a bluff, Bill told me to stay where I was as he took my photo. To my surprise when I turned around, Bill was down on one knee presenting a stunning ring and asking me to marry him. To the cheers of others in the area, I said yes!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I did not waste any time looking for my perfect wedding dress. I began my search only a few months after our engagement (even though our wedding date was over a year away).  I wanted to keep the occasion small and intimate, so I only had my mom, future mother-in-law, aunt, and one bridesmaid along for two bridal appointments.

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After two unsuccessful appointments my future mother-in-law surprised us with an appointment at a third salon, Zita’s Bridal; they had a last-minute cancellation and wanted us to stop in.  As the day was nearing its end, we rushed over.  The salon owner was kind enough to help us, and as she grabbed all the dresses we selected, she also had one surprise hidden on the rack.  The final dress she handed me was amazing! 

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It had almost everything that I wanted in a gown; a lace bodice cinched at the waist with a detailed back, carrying buttons all the way down the skirt.  The only things that were missing were the lace sleeves that I always imagined myself in, but I had to say yes because I was in love!  This dress was The Bonnie by Augusta Jones.

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Without anyone’s knowledge, I spent the next ten months looking back at photos of myself in this stunning gown and wondering if sleeves would make me love it even more. I finally decided that I had less than six months left until the wedding, and I had to see if something could be done. I called a salon and asked if they could order the lace for my dress from Augusta Jones, and at the same time I asked my seamstress if she could design sleeves. Even with such a short amount of time, everyone was determined to help make my dress and day perfect!

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I kept the changes to my dress a secret until one week before the wedding when my mom came to my final dress fitting.  She was stunned and cried tears of joy knowing that I had the complete dress of my dreams.  This made everything worth it.

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The Perfect Day

It is hard to truly describe how incredible our wedding day was. We put our hearts into planning our perfect day, and things turned out even better than we could have imagined. I got to marry my person, while being surrounded by all of our family and friends. You simply can’t beat that.

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Wise Words

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, and at some points it may seem like things will never get done or will never turn out right.  Surround yourself with a great team to help you sort out the details.  Whether it’s a wedding planner (mine was ah-MAZING), your future hubs, your bridesmaids, or family, it is important to know that you don’t have to do it all on your own.  Even if things go wrong on your day or you find that you can’t seem to make everybody happy, just remember what is truly important is your love for one another.

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Photographer: Heather Cook Elliott
Dress: Bonnie
Location: Pritzlaff Events
Stockist: Zita's Bridal
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