6th Aug 2018

Lauren & Daniel


The Big Question

Funny story...We went to New York Christmas 2016, I kind of hoped we were getting engaged there, we’d been together for 2 years! We went to Tiffany’s whilst we were there and Daniel asked me to leave him to it for 10 mins. Little did I know he’d found the perfect ring he wanted to get me, but wasn’t quite ready to propose yet. So he asked the Tiffany’s store attendant some details about the ring, and asked where the Tiffany’s in the UK was. Obviously being from New York, he told Daniel about the London branch.

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Once we were home, Daniel contacted the branch in London and asked for the specific ring he wanted. They said they could get it, so he put a deposit down. He then asked my mum to help book train tickets down to London and concoct a story to me as to where he was for the day.

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The day came (28/01/17), he left the house in work clothes, and unbeknown to me, got changed and jumped on a train down to London (7 hour round trip from Garstang, Lancashire). He had the money all in cash, and he’s not been to London many times, so going there and back in a day and purchasing an engagement ring was a little overwhelming/nerve-racking for him! So after that, his big plans to take me to the Lake district, or on a drive out into the countryside went out of the window, and he basically called me into the Kitchen, pointed to the Tiffany bag on the floor, and as I turned to look at it, he got down on one knee!

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The funny part being, there is actually a Tiffany’s in Selfridges in Manchester (about an hour’s drive away from us) and the ring had been sourced and sent from the Manchester branch down to London ready for Daniel to pick up! He now realises he perhaps should have asked someone a bit closer to home where the nearest Tiffany’s was!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

My Mum, Grandma and my Cousin (my maid of honour) came with me to try dresses on. First we went to Lulu Brown’s in Clitheroe. I wanted to try all different shapes on. I originally thought I’d want a fish tail style dress. But I quickly worked out that wasn’t the right style for me, and that and A-line was more fitting to my shape.

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I tried one on with sleeves, and when I came out of the dressing room, all 3 of my entourage cried. They loved it and were encouraging me that it was ‘The one’. I did love it, but because it was my first experience, and I wasn’t sure what the feeling of ‘the one’ was meant to be like, I didn’t feel confident enough to pay the deposit. I spoke to my friends who had recently got married about how they felt when they’d got theirs and they all said, when you know, you know!  I’d been bridesmaid for both these girls and it just so happened they’d got their wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses from the same shop - Mears Ghyll, so I knew I wanted to go and look there as I was familiar with it.

10384 10385

I took the same entourage with me again and on the 3rd shopping trip, we went to Mears Ghyll. Camilla and Elizabeth are amazing and like I say, I already knew them so they put me at ease anyway. I picked out a few dresses and liked a couple. ‘Karen’ was one of them.

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I loved it, but there was something missing. Once we put a belt on it, it felt amazing! I kept it on for a good 15mins whilst my cousin tried some bridesmaid dresses on, and I found that I kept glancing at the mirror to look at myself, and every time I did I loved it. That’s how I knew, because I couldn’t stop looking at it and smiling! I then rang the other 2 shops I had booked in to try dresses on with to cancel my appointment. Once I knew- I knew!

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The Perfect Day

Our day was AMAZING! Me and my bridesmaids (I had 4 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls) all stayed at my mums house the night before. We woke about 6am, all had our hair and make-up done whilst grazing on breakfast! I didn’t feel nervous until I was putting my dress on and everyone was downstairs waiting for me to come down.

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We left in Wedding cars at 11.40am. Arriving at the Church (St Peter’s, Scorton) just on time! We had a beautiful service with 130 guests. Then made our way to Mitton Hall. We had a drinks reception out on the terrace as the weather was BEAUTIFUL!! (It had been raining all week!) Our wedding was Gin themed, so all table names were Gin and we had lots of empty gin bottles with flowers in, and Speciality Gins on the menu.

10390 10392 10393

We sat to eat about 3.30pm, beautiful 4 course meal and then speeches. By 6.30pm we were  sat back on the terrace watching the sun set! Night do guests arrived about 7.30. We cut the cake and did our first dance (to Ed Sheeran- How would you feel) at about 9pm, then we danced and drank until 1am!

Wise Words

Don’t feel pressure about finding the right dress. I nearly settled for a dress because my entourage loved it and they were all so emotional. I remember thinking ‘this must be the one, as my nearest and dearest love it so much!’ You can feel so overwhelmed by the amount of dresses and styles there are, but once you get THAT feeling, and you can’t wipe the smile off your face, you’ll know you’ve got the right one!

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Photographer: Kerry Woods Photography
Dress: Karen
Location: Milton Hall
Stockist: Mears Ghyll
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