20th Aug 2018

Courtney & David


The Big Question

David proposed the weekend we moved in together. We had a super busy Saturday moving all our stuff into our new little house, and I was expecting a quiet Sunday evening relaxing.  Instead, I turned around and down on one knee, in the middle of boxes and chaos, was David asking if I would marry him.  I was completely surprised. It was perfect. We're moving soon, and leaving the hose is going to be so hard because of the memories the space holds.

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I went into the wedding dress shopping process convinced I would either get something flowing and Grecian or delicate and a-line. I 100% did not think I would like anything fitted.  Needless to say I was 100% wrong.  I'm so glad that I listened to my stylist, Kelly, at White Magnolia Atlanta when she suggested I try on a fitted a lace dress she pulled for me.

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It was still simple, and classic, which I wanted, but in a much more structured shape.  Everyone with me almost immediately knew that it was a game changer as soon as I tried it on.  It had a wow factor that none of the other dresses had, and I felt chic and bridal and confident wearing it - which is exactly how I felt when I wore it on my wedding day!

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The Perfect Day

Our wedding day was sunny, without a cloud in the sky. The weather matched the feel of the whole day; light and bright, with everyone smiling uncontrollably.  We got married in the church where my parents were married 33 years earlier, which made the ceremony extra special. 

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Our reception was exactly what we wanted - a big party!  The band was the highlight, and no one wanted them to stop playing! They actually had to make all of our friends leave at the end of the night.


Wise Words

1) Ask for help when you need it.  Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, or at a minimum not miserable.  And people WANT to help with the process, so don't be afraid to reach out to friends and family when there is a task that is frustrating you or causing you stress.


2) Trust the professionals.  Your baker, florist, seamstress, band, etc. have all been at and helped produce tens if not hundreds of weddings.  For me, it was my first time at the wedding rodeo.  Trust that the people you've chosen know what they are doing - its just another day at the office of them.

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Photographer: Rustic White
Dress: Jayma
Location: Chastain Horse Park
Stockist: The White Magnolia
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