27th Aug 2018

Gabrielle & Jason


The Big Question

Jason took me to Portland, Maine in May 2017 which was the destination of our very first trip together in late fall of 2015. I was getting ready for dinner and a night out when I had asked him if he liked a new necklace I had bought to wear. As I was showing him, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box and said "I have something else that would go great with this outfit".

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I proceeded to be stunned by the contents of that box! I don't remember his exact words after that, but I said YES! After we went to dinner at the same, quaint restaurant we visited back in 2015. The owner was there to great us and offer us a congratulatory message. It was so sweet! 

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Shop 'Til You Drop

Upon getting engaged we were referred to a friends' family owned salon, Stardust Celebrations in Plano, Texas. Even though I currently live in Boston, MA, the native Texan in me knew it would be worth the trek to see what they had in store. My stylist, Marianne was an absolute professional and so knowledgeable – she helped me find and slide right into my Marsha gown.

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She then showed me how I could customize my dress for the Catholic ceremony with a bolero. The owner, Bob, made finding my dress even more special. Since he was a family friend, he hung around and participated in the dress selection and popped the champagne with my mom, sister and I to celebrate!

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The Perfect Day

Our day was everything they tell you it's going to be. Magical. Happy. A Blur. The Best Day. Love-Filled. We find ourselves constantly looking through the photos and re-living it.

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It started nice and early with hair & make up for the girls and whiffle ball on the beach for the guys. We chose Newport, RI to tie the knot because it played such an integral role in growing and nurturing our relationship. Newport is just a quick drive away from Boston and is not only our summer escape, but also such a quaint town in the winter.

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Having our families and friends in a place so near and dear to our hearts really added to the intimacy of the day. We enjoyed sharing our New England paradise with everyone and dancing the night away on the water!

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Wise Words

The night before the wedding I slept in our wedding suite alone. Most people thought I was crazy for this but I think it really paid off! I was able to relax my mind and body and start to focus myself for what was to come. When the activities kicked in the following day, it felt extra special .

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Photographer: Sara Pudlo
Dress: Marsha
Location: The Bohlin
Stockist: Stardust Celebrations
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