24th Sep 2018

Seen-Wai & Dean


The Big Question

We were on a camping trip together with our two dogs in the lake district. It wasn't a very glamorous trip, but for us relaxing together and exploring beautiful natural countryside was perfect. At our campsite during a rainy spell we were invited in for hot cup of tea by an older couple staying in a small caravan. They described how they had been coming to the lakes for their walking holidays every year since their kids were little.

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Later that evening we were joking about how one day we might be married and camping together just like this couple, and we decided to follow their advice on one of their recommended viewpoints. We had a rather steep walk to the most beautiful view over the lake and we both went silent as we enjoyed the views and our dogs raced around the bracken.

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I was lying in his lap when I told him I loved him, to which responded with a proposal of marriage. We were both in shock when we eventually climbed down from the hill, it all still seems very surreal!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I had worn a few wedding dresses before while helping a friend at a wedding fair (she does bridal hair and make-up), and so I had a pretty good gauge on the style of dress I wanted to wear. I wasn't sure where to start looking and I had already started browsing online before I managed to make it to any bridal boutiques.

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I saw there was a second hand new dress/two piece by Augusta Jones being sold fairly local to where I live and I went to try it on. I was actually really nervous about it, but the lady selling it had works in fashion and gave me such good advice on the fit and how to put it on, and I fell in love! It was one of my first and favourite wedding purchases.


The Perfect Day

We arranged to have a civil ceremony and reception at the beautiful Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire. I hardly slept the night before and I went with one of my best friends the morning of the wedding to help my mum with all the wedding flowers she was doing for me. We ended up doing a few table centre pieces before rushing back to the B'n'B we were staying at to start getting ready.


It really was a dream come true to walk down the aisle to my now husband Dean and the rest of the day went so fast! We had beautiful sunshine which meant our guests could play lawn games and admire the sunset over the lake. We even had our dogs with us at the venue so we could get some cuddles and photos in after our ceremony!

Wise Words

Have faith! Things will go wrong, but it will all be worth it!


Photographer: Juniper Green Photography
Dress: Keira top Jacqueline skirt
Location: Kelmarsh
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