5th Nov 2018

Jaimee & Jaymes


The Big Question

The proposal happened right near our apartment in Liberty State Park. We go there often for evening walks or picnics on Sunday afternoons. One random Tuesday, or so I thought, Jaymes asked to go for a walk after work. I said I was tired and wanted to nap first (which drove him crazy). He was finally able to convince me.

We usually go on one of two walks: a longer one that takes them all the way down to the water, or a shorter one that is about half the length that does not go to the water. Jaymes insisted he wanted to do the full long walk. When we approached the waterfront, Jaymes asked if I wanted to sit for a few minutes on the bench. I thought it was a weird request since we rarely do this, but I agreed. After sitting staring out at the beautiful skyline for a few minutes, Jaymes became concerned said "oh no! What time is it?" I  was confused and said "5:30, what's wrong?" He quickly explained that we needed to leave the park right away and that I needed to begin getting ready. At this point I was incredibly confused and asked what he meant. He explained we had dinner reservations at Liberty House (my favorite restaurant of all time), and I wondered why he had made reservations.

Then with the beautiful view of the New York City skyline in front of us, Jaymes got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of her life with him! We went to dinner that night, and it has been the most fantastic whirlwind since!

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Shop 'Til You Drop

I visited a few boutiques near my home town in New Jersey. I put on dresses that I liked a lot and was not in love with any in particular. I was starting to think what I wanted didn't exist. Then, we went to Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC for fun. My mom purchased her dress there and we wanted to go for the experience. 

I had such a great stylist helping me. She put me in a few things after I showed her what I liked. Then she said I think you want something simple and elegant and not lace at all! She brought me the Jayda and I put it on and it felt like it was made for me. She added the veil and the rest was history! I couldn't wait to wear it about a year later.

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The Perfect Day

August 3rd was a hot and humid day! We got ready at a salon near by and then went to the venue for pictures, the ceremony and the reception. The love and happiness that were in the air the whole day is a feeling I will take with me forever. Jaymes and I were surrounded by all the friends and family we love so much for one day to celebrate our love.

After my dad was sick for a few years I didn't know if he would be able to walk me down the aisle. It was so emotional when it happened and I was so grateful to have him there and healthy that day. The ceremony was beautiful. We were so happy to finally be husband and wife.

The reception was the most fun! Everyone was on the dance floor from start to finish. We had an incredible band, Blue Label Band, that we knew from University of Delaware where we met and attended college. It truly was a magical day.

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Wise Words

Soak up every moment of your wedding. Do not separate from your groom! Stay together the whole night because if you part ways it will be hard to find each other again. Don't waste time going around to tables to say hello. Get it done during cocktail hour so you can be on the dance floor for every moment of the party! It goes too fast!  

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Photographer: Gabelli Studio
Dress: Jayda
Location: West Mount CC
Stockist: Kleinfeld Bridal
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