23rd Feb 2019

Elizabeth & Devin


How did he propose?
I was just finishing up graduate school for occupational therapy in Massachusetts. Back home, in New Jersey, Devin was planning to propose to me upon my return. After an exam, I drove home to help Devin move into our new apartment together. With help of friends and family, the move was very easy! Later in the evening we were enjoying dinner and drinks in our new home with our friends, when I heard Devin ask what he should do with the last moving box. When I turned around he was holding the ring box! He was so nervous!

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Tell me about your dress hunt
I knew I wanted a dress with sleeves for our chilly October wedding in the mountains of Maine. I was hoping for a fitted gown to show off my figure and a 3/4 sleeve was the ultimate goal! After a few trips to boutiques in the NY/NJ area, I ended going to L’Fay Bridal in Chatham, NJ. I tried on a few dresses and was beginning to feel defeated. The bridal attendant let me walk around the store and look around. That’s when I found the Augusta Jones Kimberly gown. It was absolutely perfect! I also loved that my dress was ivory/champagne instead of the traditional white gown. The fabric of my gown with the clear beading and lace contrasted perfectly with the fall foliage and colors of nature.

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I first heard about Augusta Jones while researching wedding gowns on Pinterest and Instagram. The dresses are so classic and timeless, which is exactly what I was hoping to find. I was so happy to find an Augusta Jones gown at L'Fay and one that was absolutely perfect for me and my wedding day.

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Tell me about your wedding day as a whole
Not to sound too cliche, but my wedding day was perfect! It was emotional, intimate, and filled with so much love. The entire weekend was filled with good luck charms, including hundreds of lady bugs outside of our estate, rain on our wedding day, and shooting stars in the night sky all weekend! We chose to have a destination wedding in Maine (we are from New Jersey) because we absolutely love it there and we knew our guests would love it too. We also love the season of Fall and tried to incorporate this into our wedding by serving Maine apple cider, hot apple cider doughnuts, pumpkin spice wedding cake, having cozy blankets for our guests to snuggle up in, and the best view for fall foliage! Absolutely nothing compares to waking up to 360 degree breathtaking views of the mountains! It was also peak season for the fall foliage for our mid-October wedding. Although, it did rain intermittently during the morning and afternoon, we were still able to have our ceremony outdoors in a wooded area. It was gorgeous. My husband and I are both very laid back, so for dinner we chose to have a less traditional meal that fit our personalities! We served our guests braised short rib, buttermilk fried chicken, buttermilk chive mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and charred haricot vert. It was absolutely delicious! Overall, our wedding was amazing and we wouldn't change a thing.

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Venue details
When booking a wedding with Granite Ridge Estate and Barn, you are getting not only a gorgeous barn venue but also a private estate to stay in for the entire weekend. The barn is a newly constructed rustic-style barn with cathedral ceilings and panoramic views of the mountains. The stunning windows were a selling point for us! The estate sleeps up to 18 people and has 360 degree views of the mountains. The bridal suite overlooks the mountains and breathtaking fall foliage making it nearly impossible to be stressed before the big day! What we loved about Granite Ridge was that it allowed us to have an intimate and private wedding with our closest family and friends.

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Wise words to fellow brides to be
My biggest advice would be to leave all of our worries and stresses of planning behind on the “day” of your wedding. I made a pact with myself that I would be happy and worry-free the morning of my wedding and I really stuck to that. No matter what happens, including rain/snow, drama with family or friends, or floral arrangements, it is going to be okay and it is still going to be perfect. When you look back on your wedding day, you will want to remember how much fun you had and how happy you were. Just sit back and relax and let everyone else handle all of the small stuff!

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