26th Feb 2013

Rebecca & Michael


Rebecca and Michael met at a wedding. Rebecca was a friend of the Bride and Michael was a friend of the Groom. It was a great wedding! If it wasn't for Leigh and Billy they would never have met, but it was a little cupid called Tash, who pushed Rebecca in Michael's direction.  A few days later Michael had got hold of her number and it all went from there.
Since then their life together has been very happy, relaxed and action packed all summed up by our honeymoon to South America. We're a good team and enjoy the same things in life.


Michael proposed during a walk in the countryside at the top of Box Hill in Surrey. As soon as he got down on one-knee tears welled up in my eyes and I was lost for words. I wasn't expecting it at all which was brilliant.
He picked the perfect ring. In fact I don't think I could have chosen better; A beautiful sparkling diamond - not too overstated, just perfect.

I had never envisioned my wedding day, which made it so overwhelming at first. I had never even thought about my dress (I think subconsciously I didn't want to tempt fate).
As I'm short and curvy I thought I'd end up in an empire or A-line dress. I tried on lots of different shapes and I was proven wrong.
My advice would be to try the ones you don't think will suit you as you may be pleasantly surprised. I also can't say that getting the right wedding dress was always enjoyable. White Mischief was good because it had such a big selection all in one place. It also helped that the ladies there were keen to help but not too pushy. I ended up wanting a dress I couldn't find. They were so helpful and, along with their seamstress Heather, put together the dress I was looking for.

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As I had to order extra lace to create the dress neckline I wanted I used the rest for my veil. My mum made it for me and it was lovely. It felt really glamorous wearing a veil and now I have a beautiful piece of lace to use in the future (not sure what for just yet).
I took a risk buying a pair of shoes online from Euphoria without trying them on. They were just the right height and style - ivory with lace detail. Wedding shoes can be so expensive and you only wear them for one day!
Michael bought me an Aquamarine pendant and earrings (something blue). I loved wearing a little bit of colour. My dad bought be a dainty silver bracelet from an antique shop (something old) and that was the only other accessory I needed.

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For my hair and make-up I asked a lady that did the hair and make-up of someone I knew. I highly recommend Kelly if you want someone who listens to what you want and creates it!
For the bridesmaid dresses I picked full-length dark purple to suit the time of year and keep the girls warm. My mum also made them fur shrugs to wear - I was disappointed I didn't get to wear one!
Michael and the boys wore Morning Suits from Austin Reed. Michael opted for these because he wears a shirt and tie for work every day and wanted something different. He looked great and I'm looking forward to him wearing a Morning Suit at our friends wedding in the summer!

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Spriggs Florist in Petworth did a fantastic job with our flowers and Michael's mum created a beautiful ceremony table display. The flowers were different shades of purple and Memory Lane roses.
I think the venue itself created the theme. There are lots of little candles scattered around and it's really cozy for a winter wedding.
We had 125 guests at the wedding. We put a guest list together and didn't think it would be anywhere near that number. We both have small families but we've kept in touch with a lot school and university friends.
We got married at the venue, Upwalthm Barns. It's two barns with a little cottage; a bar and a Moroccan snug outdoors. It's in a beautiful part of Sussex countryside.
We (my mum mainly) made the table decorations and the wall decorations including a huge wreath made from Hydrangeas. We also bought lots of lanterns to put around the courtyard.

681 682 680

The morning of the wedding day Michael went for an hour run with his best man followed by a swim and sauna. The girls and I had breakfast with my family and took our time getting ready. We had a picnic for lunch. It's unbelievable how long it takes to get ready. I had no idea I was running late. At the last minute emotions kicked in and I started to fuss over things unnecessarily. I had a quick reality check to stop the fussing before the photographer snapped away. You need way more time than you think!
During the service we had two readings. I think you need at least two otherwise it's over too quickly. It lasted about thirty minutes but felt like five.
Getting married is incredibly emotional. I was so nervous walking down the aisle (I don't enjoy being centre stage) but it was fantastic. It completely cements your relationship in a way that is difficult to describe. Plus you get to celebrate with all your friends and family. Everywhere you turn you see different groups of people having fun. It was so important for us to make sure everyone had great food, wine and a good boogie. I think we succeeded.

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The reception was great fun. Michael and I had our photos taken in the rain whilst our guests drank mulled wine and cider. We had a wedding line-up which meant we got to at least say hello to everyone. We had a three-course meal followed by a cheese course. The main course was my favourite - baby Poisson with chorizo. The speeches were between the main course to give our guests time to make room for desert. All the speeches were brilliant and I can't wait to hear them again on the video. After dinner we had a band called the X-Rays. Everyone loved them and the dance floor was full all evening. As our guests left we had warm bacon butties - I think they were as pleased with them as we were.

676 675 674

We had two wedding cakes. We had a traditional cake made by Michael's mum (a fruit cake layer and lemon cake layer) and a cake of cheeses. I love cheese so this was a must. We picked the cheese up from Hamish Johnston There was enough cheese left for Christmas.
Our favors were miniature bottles of port to go with the cheese. Luckily I recruited some girl friends to help decant port into 125 bottles and tie names onto them. We used luggage tags and stamps from Englishstamp.com. My dad hand wrote all the names.

673 672

Our first dance was Stand by Me. It's a classic!
Chris Webb was our photographer - really relaxed. He was the photographer at my friends wedding. It helps seeing how a photographer takes pictures of people you know.

To sum our wedding day up, it was perfect for us.
My advice would be to choose what you're comfortable with and accept that you can't control the weather!

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